The Military University of the Pentagon is promoting democratic socialism!

In another public display of contempt for traditional America, and in line with the goals set forth in The Great Reset, a government-affiliated university is hosting ancient public speakers. dance to Democratic Socialism while denigrating American Capitalism. Their next event was a conference featuring a radical, anti-American French economist.

The National Defense University of the Ministry of National Defense (NDU), the premier educational institution for military and defense leaders, is holding a lecture on how Western countries should adopt socialism to deal with the challenge from China.

The lecture, scheduled to take place online, on February 16, titled, “Reaction to China: The Case for Global Justice and Democratic Socialism,” will be delivered by Thomas Piketty, author of a 2021 book titled Time for Socialism.

Piketty’s narcissism can be understood in the following summary of the upcoming event, posted on the university’s website, it reads:

Western countries are still struggling to define their attitudes towards the Beijing regime. In this February 22, 2022 talk, Thomas Piketty will argue that the right answer lies in ending Western arrogance and promoting a new horizon of freedom and equality on a global scale, a new form of participatory and democratic socialism, ecology and postcolonial. If they maintain their conventional preaching posture and outdated model of hypercapitalism, Western countries could find themselves extremely difficult to confront the Chinese challenge.

The Notice for the event includes a biography of Piketty listing two of his books, Capital in the 21st century (2013) and Capital and Ideas (In 2020).

In his most recent book, Time for Socialism, The far left NY Times praises the author’s staunch rejection of Capitalism and his push for Democratic Socialism.

They summarize Piketty’s view as follows:

Looking at the limits of taxation and spending, Piketty concludes that “equal education and the welfare state are not enough” and power relations need to be transformed, starting with representation. more of employees in the governance and sharing of assets of corporations. Recognizing that globalization is a tool for the rise of freedom and extremes of inequality, Piketty proposes a very different globalization. “We need to turn our backs on the idea of ​​absolute free trade, in favor of” a development model based on clear and verifiable principles of economic, fiscal, and economic equity, he wrote. environment “.

The lecture is part of the university’s Institute for National Security Studies (INSS). Speaker serieswhich has held China-focused lectures for the past year.

Sebastian Gorka, who served as vice-chancellor at NDU for 5 years, emphasizes the lecture in his program “AMERICA First with Sebastian Gorka“ on Friday. “NDU is where colonels become generals,” said Gorka.

“This event was presented by the Pentagon’s Strategic Multi-Level Review program in collaboration with the Eisenhower School of National Security at the National Defense University. Eisenhower’s name. His organization is being used to organize an event promoting socialism in America,” Gorka said, adding that American taxpayers are paying for the event. “I’m not even disgusted – that’s not even a strong enough word. I am appalled.”

This is not the first time the military has been arrested for allowing socialism and Critical racial theory based on socialism taught in military establishments.

During a hearing last summer, Army Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark Milley defended the teaching of critical race theory at West Point, arguing that he believed it was important to those in the military must be “open” and “readable.”

Milley also seems defend the important racial theory itselffamously said, “I want to understand white man’s rage, and I’m white.”

In 2018, a Communist and West Point cadet, Spensor Rapone, posted photos of himself at his graduation with the sign “Communism Will Win” inside his hat and Che Guevara t-shirt underneath his uniform. He resigned from the army but was hired last year by the University of Texas at Austin.

Amid the radical movement from the top, some people at the bottom are speaking out.

Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Lohmeier spoke out about the critical racial theory and widespread Marxism in the military. Lohmeier alert“The training we’re getting in the military is rooted in critical race theory.”

With his refusal to propagate social justice, Milley was fired from his command after he gave a series of podcast interviews.

If the GOP regains control of the US Congress and former President Donald J. Trump wins a second term in the Oval Office, the entire top military branch must be replaced with patriotic leadership. The Military University of the Pentagon is promoting democratic socialism!

James Brien

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