The MassivelyOP Community’s Best Daily Grinds of 2022

2022 is the fifth year in a row that we’ve done this roundup, but the Daily Grind has been a recurring mini-column here on MassivelyOP – and Original Flavor Massively – for much longer. I’m guessing the original creators thought it would be a fluffy, simple post to kill time while the news crew rushed to action each morning, but it’s become something of an icebreaker to start the day and get everyone talking bring. Of course, my favorite is when someone shows up on the Daily Grind to explain their existence, it means a slow news day, which is never the case (both because we write our Daily Grinds days and sometimes weeks in advance, and because we always more news than we have time, space and people to write, hence the launch of The Mop Up years ago!).

The very first Daily Grind on Old Massively was written on November 3rd, 2007, which means that our staff have written around 5535 Daily Grinds to date (I don’t think we missed one, but I can’t bet my life on that) . However, we try not to repeat topics too often, so I’m amazed that we’ve all found so many things to talk about when it comes to MMOs.

Let’s continue the tradition: I’ve picked what I think are the biggest, craziest, or best daily grinds of the year, one from each month!

January: What do you think the end of the ongoing Blizzard saga looks like?

This wasn’t the most commented on Daily Grind of January, but I think it’s the most interesting to look back on. In January we were only half a year into the Activision Blizzard debacle. We didn’t know anything about Dragonflight at all. We had no idea how surveillance 2 and Diablo immortal would land. We didn’t know which half of the anti-union actions the company would face. We didn’t know anything about the withdrawal from China. Little did we know how bad the finances were going to look for most of the year. So it’s certainly fascinating to revisit what our readership foresaw a long time ago.

February: Still want to play an EverQuest III?

More of you are doing it than not, but pretty much everyone harbors some skepticism about Daybreak’s will and ability to pull it off, which is fair.


March: Is Lost Ark an MMO, MMORPG or both?

The topic whether Lost Ark is an MMORPG, or an MMO, or something else entirely that has been popping up all year as the game cemented itself in Steam’s top 10 list and released patch after patch on Amazon. Whether our discussion resolved the debate is another story.

April: Are you trying out more MMOs since free-to-play has become the dominant model?

Overall, our readers say yes. But many of you have also said that you don’t stay in most. Quantity is not always quality.

May: Tired of the crypto and NFT crap in MMOs?

You definitely are, and you did it Not Don’t hesitate to say it very loudly and forcefully!

June: Does it ever make sense for an MMO to restrict certain classes to certain races?

Our readers generally don’t like gender binding, and race and class seem to be almost as abhorred unless there’s an incredibly compelling reason for it.

July: Are you a gamer or an MMO gamer?

You might expect readers of an MMORPG blog to sound like MMO enthusiasts, but it was a pretty even split. A good half of our readers are interested in much more than just MMOs!

August: Do you leave MMO Global Chat on or turn it off?

you turn it off You turn it off as soon as possible. It was pretty loud. We probably shouldn’t have asked that question in the first place!


September: What’s the MMO grudge you’ve held on to the longest?

We have 86 comments on this Daily Grind – you all seem to have a lot of grudges! All of SWTOR and landmark to the NGE and city ​​of heroes. Some of you have many more than one listed too!

October: Should MMO studios ditch forums in favor of an official Discord server?

Absolutely not. Core MMORPG players detest this. Journalists detest this too! The word “loathing” was used. Don’t do it, studios!

November: Are there any MMOs that you hope will falter and specifically fail?

If you thought our readers would take the main road here, you were wrong. We definitely have our fair share of little curses, but to be fair, some of these games deserve it.

December: How many MMOs did you actively play in 2022?

What interests me the most here is not what MMOs you play; it’s how wide the numerical spread is. Some of you play an MMO – just an MMO, steady and happy. But we’ve had some people play up to a dozen MMORPGs in 2022, not just one, but rather one after the other. That’s a lot of MMOs! Here’s to many more in 2023!

Also don’t miss our favorites from 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021!

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