The Internet is asking Cloudflare to take down the controversial site Kiwi Farms

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Content Warning: This story contains graphic mentions of suicide.

Even after being pushed into hiding and, as confirmed in an August 23 interview With Global NewsTrans-political commentator and streamer Clara “Keffals” Sorrenti, who was forced to leave her native country of Canada, is calling on website security service Cloudflare to stop protecting Kiwi Farms, an alt-right forum she says is a source of doxxing and unmitigated hatred. Sorrento began the hashtag #DropKiwifarmsthe Vice reportstrending alongside #CloudflareProtectsTerrorists this week.

Some Twitter users, most of whom appear to be transgender, are flocking behind #DropKiwifarms, using this as an opportunity to share their personal experiences with the forum, which is said to be uses doxxing, swatting, and other intimidating tactics to bully her arbitrary targets, and sometimes leads her victims to kill yourself.

When people supposedly kill themselves because of the unrelenting horniness of Kiwi Farms users, those users fantasize about attending their funerals “wearing Guy Fawkes masks and pickle suits and all ‘PARTY HARD!!!’ with loud music, free food and drink”, said one post. Posts like this belie a sickeningly childish understanding of death, consequences, and one’s own insecurities, but instead of, I don’t know, seeking a therapist, kiwi farm posters prefer to lose themselves in the horror they create.

“Cis Buddies: This is the horrible, ugly reality of kiwi farming,” wrote one Twitter user who used #DropKiwifarms. “Don’t let them lie to you – they drove systematically [Chloe Sagal] to suicide. They had a great time doing it too.”

Despite years of public outrage—New Yorker called the site of the Internet “biggest stalker community” in 2016 – and evidence of illegal behavior by Kiwi Farms users plastered all over its forums, Cloudflare, who were unresponsive kotaku‘s request for comment in time for publication, continues to provide services to the site. In the past, Cloudflare decided to stop serving the neo-Nazi message board Daily Stomer after “the team behind Daily Stormer claimed we were secret supporters of their ideology,” wrote Cloudflare CEO and co-founder Matthew Prince in a blog post from 2017.

“We’re going to have a long debate internally as to whether we need to remove the bullet from not terminating a client due to political pressure,” Prince wrote at the time.

“Political” pressure aside, Kiwi Farms violates Cloudflare’s Terms of Usewhich prohibits “illegal or harmful content,” including “content that discloses confidential personal information, incites violence, or exploits it.”

On August 23, Kiwi Farms went offline and then back online, an auspicious moment for #DropKiwifarms users. After the site went back online, Sorrenti tweeted that she would “start the next phase of the campaign to get @Cloudflare to drop kiwi farms this week.” Sorrenti did not answer kotaku‘s request for comments in time for publication.

Twitter users continue to campaign against Kiwi Farms, but some people have reported that Cloudflare employees, including Justin Paine, head of trust and safety, blocked her on Twitter for asking her to stop work on Kiwi Farms. As for Sorrento, she tweeted “My family has been targeted and threatened, specifically because of the campaign I launched to get Cloudflare to drop kiwi farms.”

“I don’t negotiate with terroristsand I am not intimidated by them.”

If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide please call 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988. The Internet is asking Cloudflare to take down the controversial site Kiwi Farms

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