The Hogwarts legacy will not denounce you if you use Unforgivable Curses

A young sorceress holds up her new wand.

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Warner Brothers’ big Harry Potter Game is just around the corner and it is continue to sound very strange in a very specific way. According to a new developer interview Hogwarts legacy won’t judge you if you want to commit some crime, whether that’s blowing people up or getting full of voldemort and using a bevy of unforgivable curses.

A series of previews for the game were released today ahead of its February 10th launch, and one over there player radar discussed the game’s amorality at length. Editor-in-Chief Sam Loveridge detailed a section of the game where you can choose to attack dragon poachers stealthily or directly, one where she accidentally shot an explosive barrel into the enemy camp, blowing them up along with a nearby bridge . However, this traditional “play it your way” approach appears to have few consequences.

“It was important to us to give players who wanted to become a dark witch or wizard the opportunity to do so,” said lead designer Kelly Murphy. told player radar. “This is the ultimate embodiment of role-playing; allow the player to be evil. Additionally, this was important as it came from a place of non-judgment by the game developers. If you want to be angry, be angry.”

This even extends to the game’s unforgivable curses, set within the strict morality system of the Harry Potter Books justify life imprisonment. In the few instances where the titular character uses them, it is generally portrayed as a last resort and a violation of ethical boundaries. Apparently that was too puritanical for him Hogwarts legacy.

“The characters react visually and audibly when they see the player cast an Unforgivable, but we don’t have a morale system that penalizes them for doing so – that would be too judgmental on the part of the playmaker,” Murphy said player radar. “But if the player continues these actions, the world will reflect the knowledge of it.”

I’ll be the first to admit that memorizing morale bars in games can be unimaginative and a real drag. But having clear consequences for the choices you make, like whether to blow up poachers or murder a goblin, seems like the bare minimum for a gamer fantasy focused on attending school to get one to become a powerful wizard.

It’s also hard not to see a parallel between the game’s declared non-judgment and this greater controversy vicinity Hogwarts legacy‘s connection to transphobic author JK Rowling. Like many other cancel-culture ripoffs, she embodies the contradiction of someone who wants to propagate crappy views without facing consequences.

Publisher Warner Bros. and Studio Avalanche Software tried it to distance oneself from the ethical debate to buy or boycott the game. It sounds like cowardice could seep in Hogwarts legacy‘s World Building as well. We’ll know better when the game finally comes out in a couple of weeks. The Hogwarts legacy will not denounce you if you use Unforgivable Curses

Curtis Crabtree

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