The game crashed after spending $100,000

A screenshot from Diablo Immortals shows the barbarian fighter from jtisallbusiness.

screenshot: Blizzard / jtisallbusiness / Kotaku

Diablo immortal‘s pay to win mechanics were controversial since the launch of the game back in June. Now they’ve apparently also broken the game for at least one YouTuber who reportedly spent over $100,000 to boost his barbarian character. The player’s win rate seems so good that the game can’t even match him with other players, torpedoing his chances of playing in the latest Rite of Exile endgame event.

Over the weekend, Diablo immortal YouTuber jtisallbusiness asked viewers if he should attempt to refund his $100,000 account due to the issue. He claimed that immediately after the game’s release, he spent so much money that he was able to easily overwhelm almost any opponent in the game’s PVP Battlegrounds mode. As a result, he had hundreds of wins and few losses, making his MMR (match-making rank) so high that it became impossible to queue up with anyone else.

“I’d say it’s probably something like this, somewhere between 48 and 72 hours, somewhere between just trying to sign up for a battleground and never getting one,” he said.

Jtisallbusiness contacted Blizzard regarding the issue almost a month ago, and said he was finally told the issue would be addressed in a few weeks. Now, however, his clan OneTimes competes as part of Rite of Exile to defend his Immortals title against other players Diablo Immortals complex endgame. The only problem is that Jtisallbusiness cannot join them. Part of the questline requires participation in a standard Battlegrounds PVP match, but due to his matchmaking limbo he was unable to qualify.

“So I’m stuck as a clan leader in the Immortals clan and I can’t queue us for Rite of Exile at all,” he said. “It’s not my fault.” Adding to his frustration is the fact that he’s trying to make money Diablo immortal as a streamer and content creator, an effort now seemingly hampered by his early spending spree (other videos devote to shows his collection).

However, for many other players in the community, it’s a kiss-the-chef moment for everything they hate about monetizing the game. “Congratulationions, you just ‘won’ in a P2W game,” it reads one of the top comments in his YouTube video on the subject. “Nothing to complain about, you got what you paid for.” Others shared similar sentiments, and the video itself was rejected thousands of times.

Players on Reddit, where links have been passed around, were equally unperturbed. “I know it’s his money and people can do whatever they want with theirs, but damn it, man. 100k?! On Diablo immortal?!” wrote one person. “If someone Diablo Character is almost worth my entire mortgage,” wrote another.

Blizzard and jtisallbusiness did not immediately respond to a request for comment. It’s also not yet clear how the situation will affect the rest of his clan, which includes players he said have each poured thousands of dollars into the game. Once the Rite of Exile is complete, the top 30 challengers will face off against a single immortal who will be turned into a raid boss. One thing seems certain: It won’t be Jtisallbusiness. The game crashed after spending $100,000

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