The Flash’s Best DC Villains Teamed Up For A Wild Gorilla Grodd Heist

Rogues, DC’s newest Black Label series from legendary Flash scribe Joshua Williamson and artist Leomacs, has an instant ending. A decade after their prime, Captain Cold pulled a group of notorious villains from The Flash into retirement for one last heist.

I was expecting a book to be fun, but not the beautiful balance between color and sharpness, lightness and emotion, that is shown in the book. Rogues #1. And the theft itself? Sneak into Gorilla City to steal Gorilla Grodd’s secret gold. That’s the good stuff right there.

What else is happening in the pages of our favorite comics? We will let you know. Welcome to Funnies Mondays, Polygon’s weekly list of the books our comics editors loved over the past week. It’s the social pages of superheroes’ lives, the reading recommendations section, the “look at this interesting piece of art.” There may be some damage. There may not be enough context. But there will be great comics. (And if you missed the final edition, read on.)

Several images of middle-aged Leonard and Lisa Snart (Captain Cold and Golden Glider) were painted on the street scene as they argued. Lisa said: “All we used to do before was help ourselves. “So what about me? HUYNH?

Image: Joshua Williamson, Leomacs / DC Comics

Perhaps the biggest thing to crow about is the work of the art team here. Leomacs is a complete package: His character designs are simple, yet unique; subtle and clear emotions. The sordid details of Central City can’t be 1970s realism. Matheus Lopes, one of my favorite colorists at the moment, shows that dark doesn’t mean dull, and the letters of Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou? Not impeccably! Make the text sound like dub.

Rogues feels like an Image Comics crime miniseries that just happens to have DC characters in it. A treat to read.

Batwoman told investigative reporter Deb Donovan,

Image: Mariko Tamaki, Amancay Nahuelpan / DC Comics

Comic detective story‘Arc Arkham Tower’s weekly publication has ended, and it’s one of those things I wish I’d enjoyed more. In the end, I think I’ve found the countdown chronology of it all more confusing than tantalizing. But I can say what I really like: The Bat-li family contacted a reporter instead of the GCPD!

There have been several periods in Batman history where James Gordon was not a police commissioner, and that usually means the Batman family’s relationship with the office is still there, just cooler. Bats and the free press are new to me, and I love it.

A strange humanoid with eyeballs the size of a tip sucks down a huge cloud of smoke in the form of a screaming face.

Image: Nick Dragotta, Caleb Goellner / Image Comics

I don’t know anything about Ghost cage except that it had a cover with some cool looking characters on it. Turns out it’s an extremely dynamic shōnen-influenced fable about… a mad industrialist creating a monstrous guy to kill his escalating series of power plants? For corporate capitalism? I will definitely read more of this.

An imitation stained-glass window depicts a line of Esquecida warriors with drawn bows beneath a blue-skinned priestess with a jade pendant. The image is surrounded by jaguars and placards in a repeat of the mirrored scene of the Greek goddesses creating the Amazons in the Well of Souls, in The Amazons Trial: Wonder Girl #1 (2022) .

Image: Joëlle Jones / DC Comics

The good thing about Joëlle Jones is that you never have to wonder why her books are late – she paints… she just draws from them. Unfortunately for Wonderful girl, and its ability to really put Yara Flor on the map of the DC Universe. The trade-off is when you run into purely Jones-drawn problems like Amazons Experiment: Wonder GirlEach page is a jaw dropper.

I hit this page of fake stained-glass windows that spread the word about the history of the lost Amazons tribe of the Amazons, the Esquecidas, and said “Damn, Joëlle! Daaaaaaamn! “loudly in my apartment. There are very, very few artists who can showcase the origins of of them the Amazons tribe and opens the page with direct callbacks to George Pérez’s ultimate origins of Themyscira in his own artistic style and hold on. Edema. Phu.

https://www.polygon.com/22958159/the-flash-villains-dc-comics-heist-gorilla-grodd-rogues-one The Flash’s Best DC Villains Teamed Up For A Wild Gorilla Grodd Heist

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