The end of the ambulance explains: violence, death and redemption

The big picture

  • Michael Bay’s new film Ambulance is a dark crime thriller, a departure from his blockbuster Transformers franchise.
  • The film follows half brothers Will and Danny as they become involved in a botched bank robbery which results in them hijacking an ambulance.
  • The film ends with Will making a crucial decision to turn against Danny while Cam, the paramedic on the ambulance, hides the stolen money to help Will’s innocent wife and child.

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Ambulance.Michael Bayis the new heist thriller ambulance is his most low-key feature film in years. After spending years with the infinite transformers In the franchise, Bay finally returns to his roots with a dark crime thriller. Although the transformers Though movies are seen as the absolute pinnacle of everything that blockbusters shouldn’t be, Bay is no untalented filmmaker. He has directed many strong films such as The Rock, Bad Boys, ArmageddonAnd 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of BenghaziAnd ambulance is the latest to join this list. The wild movie is essentially point break meets speed.

What is “Ambulance” about?

Danny and Will are talking in the ambulance.
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ambulance follows veteran Will Sharp (Yahya Abdul Mateen II), who is struggling to pay for medication to help with his post-traumatic stress disorder. In addition, his wife requires surgery worth $230,000. Desperate for a job, Will reluctantly turns to his half-brother Danny (Jake Gyllenhaal) for help. Danny owns an auto repair shop but has been in trouble with the law for most of his life. Will gets involved in his new heist, but the attempted bank robbery goes horribly wrong. After gunfire erupts, Will and Danny are forced to hijack an ambulance with paramedic Cam Thompson (Eiza Gonzalez) and wounded cop Zach (Jackson White).

ambulance It only gets crazier from there, and remarkably, Bay is able to uphold the premise over an epic 136-minute runtime. The film’s closing moments surprisingly manage to tie together the various storylines at the same time. It ends with a crucial decision by Will, who is forced to turn against Danny. There has been tension between the two since childhood, and throughout the film we see flashbacks with younger versions of the characters. Concurrently included is footage of a younger Will disguised as a sheriff dueling Danny while pretending to be a robber.

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Will is tied to the same bed Zach slept on after he was shot during an exchange with their boss, cartel ringleader Papi (A Martinez). After his son’s death during the robbery, Daddy had asked Will and Danny to hand Zach over to him. Danny was willing to comply, but the Honorable Will tells him they don’t have a deal. Although Danny manages to help Will escape in the ambulance and on the way to the hospital, Will is critically injured. This enrages Danny, who is convinced Zach shot him.

Will Will and Danny get away with their mugging?

Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in the ambulance
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The ambulance arrives at the hospital, but Danny threatens to kill Cam in front of a live television audience. From the start, Will understood Cam’s situation and respects her commitment to saving lives given his own military background. Danny has grown suspicious of their bond and reaches a breaking point when he realizes it was Cam who shot Will. Will knows Danny is crazy enough to kill her, so he shoots Danny through the chest with a shotgun. Lying on the street together, the two share a moment of unspoken forgiveness as Danny dies. Danny closes his eyes and accepts his fate.

Cam sets out to perform emergency surgery on Will, where he meets his wife Amy (Moses Ingram) and her little son. Earlier, Will had passed some of the stolen cash to Cam. He insists that she give it to his wife in case they don’t make it, telling her that his wife has no idea what he is doing and is completely innocent. In fact, she had voiced her concerns about Danny in some earlier scenes. When Cam meets her in person, she realizes that Amy has no criminal connections. She would probably be reluctant to accept the stolen money, so Cam hides the money in the car seat where Will’s son is sitting.

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Cam also asks Amy to forgive her husband despite his crimes. She informs them that Will saved her and Zach’s life during their escape. Zach also defends Will. While still strapped to his hospital bed, Zach recognizes Will’s heroism to the officers who question him. Zach also gets a reunion with his partner Mark (Cedric Sanders). Even though it was their first assignment together, Mark stayed true to Zach the whole time. He leads the chase to save him as he felt guilty for letting him be shot. Zach does not inform anyone that it was actually Will who shot him in the beginning.

Eventually, after ensuring that Will’s absolution would be known, Cam exits the hospital. She puts on her jacket and gets ready to get back to work. She’s ready for another day at work. Although it’s unclear if anyone benefited from the violent robbery, she realizes the money could help the financially troubled family. Cam seems to be hoping that Amy Will’s son will lead a more honorable life than his father.

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