The Elden Ring hero “Let Me Solo Her” has become a legend for fans

A screenshot from the December 2021 Elden Ring story trailer showing optional endgame boss Malenia, Blade of Miquella.

You’ve probably met a number of elden ring Bosses that will just knock your teeth out. No matter how many times you’ve leveled up or how powerful your gear is, some enemies will almost always beat you to a pulp. While torrent is usually on hand to let you flee a fight if the challenge gets too big, there are a few bosses – like Malenia, Blade of Miquella – that lock you into a 1v1 fight that ends with a death can end up smashing the controller. Unless you decide to ask for help. And the hero who answers the call is “Let Me Solo Her”, a player who has recently become a legend within the elden ring community, something like that the fashion police that show up in Dark Souls 3.

The name Let Me Solo Her refers to Maleniaan optional late-game boss that many know to be one of them elden ring‘s toughest fights. Malenia is fast and has a lot of range her long katana, and enters a second phase that can hit you with a tap if you’re not careful. It’s a headache, but its drops are well worth the frustration – especially those from the katanas Waterfowl Dance weapon skillunleashing a flurry of sword blows around you in rapid succession.

While Malenia is an uphill battle for even the most seasoned players, elden ring features online multiplayer in a manner similar to other FromSoftware games. After Malenia kicked his ass about 20-30 times, Reddit user sazed813 decided to go with the co-op. and summoned Let Me Solo Her, not knowing who the player was or what was going to happen. However, Sazed813 immediately noticed Let Me Solo Her’s odd attire. Dressed in nothing but underwear and a jug on his head, Let Me Solo Her wielded two katanas – the Rivers of Blood and what appeared to be an uchigatana – and, like the Name suggests, Malenia literally soloed and hit her without taking any fatal damage.

“He was flawless and eclipsed all my attempts,” Sazed813 wrote after the encounter. “I definitely didn’t kill Malenia, but either way, she’s dead.”

There’s a reason you should attack Malenia, especially if you’re a samurai. As the coveted Moonveil Katana, the hand of Malenia is a solid sword with long range and high damage, scales with Dexterity and Strength, and builds bleeds. It is well known that bleeding heavy enough can kill certain things elden ring within seconds, which has made it a popular build among fans. But Malenia is also prone to bleeding, and Let Me Solo Her has two katanas that degrade status effect, making it entirely possible for this player to fight her in 1v1 unaided. Obviously someone studied.

Since then, Let Me Solo Her (or characters pretending to be him) has been helping anyone who asks his name (on PC) for help fighting Malenia. The community took note of the bravery and heroism of Let Me Solo Her and immortalized it in various versions fan art and 3D rendered sculptures and memes. It’s a healthy thing to do, especially considering how antagonistic FromSoft stans tend to be.

Let Me Solo Her, apparently a YouTuber named Klein Tsuboi, posted a video of them, two players assisted them by playing Malenia solo. Tsuboi called Her mark will always be below for any “desperate tainted” in need of help.

kotaku asked Klein Tsuboi and Sazed813 for comment.

Let Me Solo Her isn’t the only online player with a particular gimmick. Tsuboi’s escapades inspired people to solo other bosses and create this let me play it solo versus battling the intimidating Mohg, Lord of Blood. It’s cool to see that elden ring community together to help each other. The game is hard and vague so any help is appreciated. The Elden Ring hero “Let Me Solo Her” has become a legend for fans

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