The Elden Ring has a noticeable recoil from dark, blood-soaked spirits

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Elden Ring can look very similar Dark souls but, as far as we know right now, it’s all its own in terms of narrative and lore. That’s not to say, however, that there isn’t a legitimate link between From Software’s latest action RPG and earlier games like the soul of the devil, Bloodborneand even Armored Core.

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As part of a recent Red Bull-branded preview event, bringing in some notable Twitch characters to showcase Elden Ring prior to its release, it was revealed that a character named Patches would appear in the upcoming game. Spanish streamer ChusoMMontero confronted Patches during his session, seemingly inviting the NPC’s disdain after looting a treasure chest.

Chuso was quickly cut, but not before providing us with this stellar shot of patches in action.

Patches should be a familiar face to longtime fans of From Software’s history, especially when it comes to defining the company’s genre soul and soul-like game. While he first debuted in 2008 Armored Core: To Answer equal Patch the Good Lucka rival pilot, anonymous With a preference for sniping you from the air instead of facing you directly, most people get their first taste of this character’s unique jewelry brand next year due to the soul of the devil.

Like his Armored Core appearance, Patching Hyenas (as he is known in the soul of the devil) is a cowardly, treacherous NPC who twice leads you into compromise situations in the hopes that you’ll die so he can loot your body. In both cases, he apologizes for his actions when you escape his trap. If you let Patches live, he will open a shop in the central area of ​​the game.

Although most people reject the changes made to the soul of the devil In terms of aesthetics in its PlayStation 5 remake, I applaud developer Bluepoint Software for using the enhanced visuals to give Patch one of the most eye-catching faces I’ve ever seen in a video game. I’m curious to know if more people killed him on PS5 instead of the original PlayStation 3.

“Reliable” patches next appeared in 2011 Dark souls, introduce yourself to you in various locations depending on your progress through the game. Like in the soul of the devil, he lures you with the promise of treasure, only to send you gliding over cliffs and into dark depths. And if, as in the soul of the devilyou’re not tempted by cutting him down where he’s standing, Patches becomes a merchant, selling his ill-fated loot in Firelink Shrine.

My favorite patch came out from 2015 Bloodborne. Diving into that Lovecraftian adventure, you meet a character named Patch the spiderwho’s basically the Patches we’ve come to know and love with creepy, spider-style bodies.

He first appears behind locked doors at the beginning of the story, providing you with an important item to progress through the game, before his full image is revealed in the Lecture Building. road in another world.

Of course, what would Patches be like if he hadn’t kicked you in a hole? Reaching a specific cliff in the Nightmare Frontier end game screen will activate a short cutscene, from the point of view in which he hits you over the edge. It’s the patch we know and tolerate!

And finally, 2016 Dark Souls 3 marks the most recent appearance of The “unbreakable” patch. Once again, he takes you through a series of trials and even steals the armor and identity of a beloved ally known as the Siegward of Catarina, but his story comes to a completely interesting conclusion. taste Ringed City expansion.

If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend you watch it soul Blacksmith VaatiVidya’s video essay on Patches’ journey from obnoxious parasite to ruthless survivor.

In addition, patches may also contain analogues in Dark Souls 2 and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, though not of the same name. From the past Gentle pate seems friendly when you first meet him, but then becomes part of a quest involving a betrayed ex-partner, while the latter Anayama the Peddler was considered a possible foothold due to his history as a former thief turned merchant. While these are not direct references to actual Patches, one could easily argue that they are used to fulfill the same role.

Hidetaka Miyazaki, who has many merits to establish soul-the genre is similar to his work about the soul of the devil, Dark souls, Bloodborneand Sekirois reportedly claimed in a 2011 interview on the Japanese podcast Game no Shokutaku that every game he makes will have Patches in it. Joke or not, it’s good to see Elden Ring keep up with this continuity. Dark Souls 3 feels like the perfect tribute to the bastard, but I’m looking forward to seeing what role, if any, he plays in this story and future From Software projects. The Elden Ring has a noticeable recoil from dark, blood-soaked spirits

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