The Elden Ring community has a new demigod and it’s a naked man fighting Malenia for you


Elden Ring is a game about traveling and exploring the lands in between as you defeat demigods along the way to collect shards of the Elden Ring itself and become the new Elden Lord. However, your journey may be cut short near the end when you decide to take on some of the game’s optional bosses.

One boss in particular is notorious for being the most divisive boss encounter in the playerbase. Malenia, Blade of Miquella easily sits up there as one of the toughest boss fights FromSoftware has ever created due to her devastating lifesteal and scarlet-inflicting moves. She’s one of the few fights in the game where a summon can actually hurt you, and yet this community has recently seen the emergence of a cheerful cooperative partner whose sole purpose is to help others defeat her.

Little Tsuboi plays as a naked man with only a glass on his head and two katanas, one in each hand. His character’s name is “Let me solo her,” which serves as a prompt for the moderator and all other callers in the session to stay on the sidelines where it’s safe while he takes on Malenia alone. In case it’s not clear how impressive this is, let me remind you that while Malenia is tough enough on its own, it’s even more of a challenge when you’re a Summon with less Health and FP and fewer healing items.

And as if that wasn’t enough, bosses in Elden Ring also gain more health the more summons you have in a session. And yet Mr. Let me solo her clearly mastered the fight and at this point knows it like the back of his hand and is able to defeat Malenia in both phases without taking undue damage.

It’s gotten to the point where the Elden Ring Reddit community has moved on to creating fanart of his character fighting Malenia. The Souls games have always been fueled by a very passionate and active multiplayer community, be it helpful messages or unique Fight Clubs and Invasion encounters, so it only makes sense that one of the most incredible Elden Ring stories of the year should come from a single player the decision to take the time to help hosts navigate this massive spike in difficulty. And in such a fashionable way, no less.

Elden Ring is available now on PC and consoles. The Elden Ring community has a new demigod and it’s a naked man fighting Malenia for you

James Brien

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