The best way to farm blood points in Dead By Daylight

Collecting Bloodpoints in Dead By Daylight can be an inconsistent experience. Sometimes it can feel like you’re getting loads of these per game, and the next day if you earn one, it’s a win. Blood Points are collected at the end of each game in Dead By Daylight and are spent on the Bloodweb to unlock perks, items, and offerings for your Survivors or Killers. If you want more, here are some ways to farm some blood points in Dead By Daylight.

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How to get blood points quickly in Dead By Daylight


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In general, the best way to earn Blood Points in Dead By Daylight is to play the game well and a lot. Apart from that, you can find ways to boost incoming numbers. For starters, several offers take what you would normally earn in a game and increase it by a certain percentage. Most are relegated to specific categories, but a select few take all of the Blood Points earned in a game and boost them up. If you and other players burn these offerings at the start of a match, the effects will stack so everyone benefits, even members of the other team.

The Sacrifice Cake is the most prominent of these offerings, but it only appears during very special events like the Bloodweb Anniversary Event. That being said, be sure to see what the others are offering.


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Next, let’s look at the perks. Most perks will aim to increase your skills throughout a game, but some reward blood points for specific things. Be sure to read the description of your perks when checking how they reward Bloodpoints. For survivors, we recommend No One Left Behind. Barbeque & Chili used to be a must-have on the killer side, giving double points for all categories if you hooked Survivors, but the Bloodpoint bonus has since been removed from its usefulness.

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If you are in a game, just play normally. Don’t do anything that will kill you, but if you see a moment to increase your bloodpoints, do so. Also, keep the game going for as long as possible to get more bloodpoint opportunities. If you’re the killer, don’t wipe everyone out at once, and the survivors won’t rush to the exit gate once the generators are fixed. With all the boosts you get from offers and perks, you’ll be bathing in bloodpoints.

As a Survivor, always heal others when they are injured and cleanse totems you encounter. Obviously, passing skill tests also helps with your blood score. Surviving long chases will also earn you the currency, so make sure to stun killers with pallets and jump through windows.

As a Killer, you get the most blood points from damaging and hooking survivors, but also be careful about damaging partially repaired generators. It also helps in finding survivors and tracking them in a chase. Also, be sure to check your daily rituals to see which challenges will give you a big boost if you complete them. These are only available to Killers, so pick the right one and earn up to 100,000 Bloodpoints if you complete all three.


Finally, keep an eye out for special events Dead By Daylight is hosting. Especially during their anniversary in the summer and around Halloween, these events like to give out hundreds of thousands of bloodpoints to players just for logging into the game. The rift can also have challenges that you need to complete in order to get out some blood points. The best way to farm blood points in Dead By Daylight

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