The Best Teams in AFK Arena (2022)

There are plenty of heroes AFK Arena ready to mix and match, but any good chemist knows that not every combination produces the best results. It’s difficult to get two heroes to work together, let alone five – just look at The Avengers. The best teams are characterized by having kits that complement each other.

Instead of playing the guessing game, we’re giving you five of the best teams in AFK Arena. Because once you know who the best heroes are, you can work towards them; Otherwise, don’t waste resources that are better suited to the best of the best, not on the best of the worst.

Arthur, Ferael, Gwyneth, Hendrik, Rosaline

If you’re a veteran of AFK Arena, you’ll probably be familiar with this composition. The team revolves around Gwyneth as she will be your main DPS. This team allows you to dish out consistent damage with decent energy and fast support. One benefit of composition is that Gwyneth can target multiple enemies in combat. However, the team is more effective in the early stages, but not towards the end of the game.

Talene, Orthros, Athalia, Ferael, Nara

Not only is Talene amazing in PVE, she also has no problem stretching her wings in PVP. Her resuscitation skills are just too good to pass on. During this time, however, Talene is not the focus. Ferael brings his own consistent damage and debuffs, like stuns and summoning spirits, to combat and reduce enemy energy. Nara further reduces enemy energy, stuns, and her ultimate Butchery, which gives her the ability to damage enemies even if they are invincible and ignoring defense stats. Athalia offers a similar benefit, but with increased Critical Strike.

If you really want to annoy someone, trade Orthros for Thoran, the fallen king. His ability to revive when combined with Talene’s Rising Phoenix is ​​frustrating.

Khazard + Mehira + Zolrath + Rowan + Rosaline

While the team composition does not deal significant damage, it excels at crowd control. You’ll be able to easily pin down the enemy team and soak up a ton of incoming damage. Rowan will primarily act as the team’s tank. Zolrath ensures additional haste. Khazard’s ultimate ability is critical to the team’s success, so use it efficiently.

Alna, Athalia, Ferael, Grezhul, Silas

Arguably one of the best comps in the game when executed correctly. Alna and Grezhul are the stars of this team and would do the most damage. Silas is here to provide healing, and Athalia acts as a sub-DPS hero when needed. The team is suitable for the PvP and PvE modes of the game.

Brutus, Lyca, Lucuis, Tasi, Nemora

If you want to troll players in PVP, use these five heroes. They pool their defenses to hold up the game while Brutus mops the floor. Brutus is all about AOE damage, even his basic attacks deal AOE damage. As he gets closer to death, his damage increases, making his ultimate ability, Whirlwind, all the more deadly. Just before he dies, Brutus gains invulnerability.

Supporting Brutus are Lyca, Lucuis, Tasi, and Nemora. Lyca can take out enemies from afar and, more importantly, improve the team’s attack speed, further empowering Brutus. Lucius, the title tank, keeps the enemy at bay while healing and mitigating damage. Tasi can put the opponent to sleep and heal. Finally, Nemora increases health regeneration to a lowest-health ally, which will almost always be Brutus. The Best Teams in AFK Arena (2022)

Curtis Crabtree

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