The best tank nickname ideas for World of Tanks – What do you name your tank?

Naming your tank is always fun, but coming up with something creative can be tricky. Sometimes another player has already made your first choice. You might regret the name you finally decided on. New tanks might inspire nicknames you want to use.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to nicknames. If you are really at a loss and need help finding a nickname, here is a list of the best tank nickname ideas to get inspiration from. These ideas are organized by usability (the amount of thought put into them). You don’t have to use any of these ideas, but they’re a good place to start.

#1. Name a tank after its appearance

You can view the tank as a whole or select a specific feature. You can poke fun at a feature that seems silly to you, or comment on a tank’s appearance.

The Object 704 tank (Soviet Tier 9 tank destroyer) looks like the Batmobile, and that might be an idea for a nickname. For more generic names, the AMX 40 (French tier 4 light tank) looks like a duck and is often referred to as “Duck” or “Rubber Ducky”. If you look at the S35 CA (French Tier 5 tank destroyer), it has an opening that makes it look like a bathtub and can be called a “bathtub”.

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As a special feature, the S-51 (tier 7 Soviet SPG) has a significantly longer barrel when aiming, leading to the nickname “Unicorn”. The GW Panther (German Tier 7 SPG) has armor around the barrel that looks like a vampire’s cloak, earning it the nickname “Dracula”.

Looking at a tank and thinking about what it reminds you of is a great way to find a name that other people haven’t touched.

#2. Tank nicknames based on game performance

See how a tank behaves in-game and maybe you’ll get inspiration for a name. The Lowe (Tier 8 German heavy tank) is sometimes referred to as “Slowe” because of its slow movement speed. On the other hand, the E 25 (German Tier 7 Tank Destroyer) is known for its mobility and stealth ability, earning it the nickname “cockroach”.

Firepower is another source of nickname ideas. The FV215b (183) tank, a British tier 10 tank destroyer, is nicknamed the “Death Star” because it can threaten any tank. The T95 (Tier 9 American tank destroyer) is known as the “Doom Turtle” due to its near-impenetrable frontal armor and low speed.

Everyone will have their own opinion on how a tank fares in battle. Start with your favorite tanks and see what you can think of.

#3. Create your own tank classification nickname

Real-life tanks have names related to their size, tactical role, and capabilities. You don’t have to follow any strict convention to play a game, but you can take inspiration from real tank names. Just as every country has a different naming system, yours may be unique.

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Some tanks have a letter followed by a number (M60) which can be your full nickname. You can expand this with names or concepts that sound cool to you, such as B. “Z99 Ocelot”. Flipping the numbers and words is also an option, like the real Leopard 2 tank. Experiment with names like “Hydra O14” or “Tunnel 54T” and the possibilities are endless.

What you come up with probably wouldn’t be the name of a real tank in real life. But let your creativity run wild and you can easily come up with an interesting nickname for the in-game tank classification.

#4. Think of funny tank nicknames

If you know humor or are an expert in puns, you can always aim for a humorous nickname. It can be hit-or-miss, and you may need to test them out before committing. It’s a great way to be memorable while making people laugh.

The Type 4 Chi-To (Japanese Tier 6 medium tank) sounds like “Cheeto”, and that’s how it became its nickname. Another Japanese tank, the Tier 7 O-Ni, is called “Oni” or “Ogre” because that’s what oni means in Japanese.

You may have to stretch your thinking muscles to be funny and you’ll have a few blunders online. But if you keep practicing and testing names, you will eventually find a winner.

The possibilities for tank nicknames are endless, but you don’t have to come up with the best one right away. These ideas are a good start, but they’re a roadmap to help you find the best tank nickname. Test out a few names, you can always rename yourself for 2,500 gold if you feel you’ve made a mistake. With the right inspiration, you might even come up with the next popular nickname! The best tank nickname ideas for World of Tanks – What do you name your tank?

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