The Best Striker is built in Lost Ark

Currently Lost Ark’s only male martial artist subclass, the Striker exhibits all the core traits a martial artist needs to be effective in a fight – quick attacks, decent damage, and an emphasis on positioning in combat to maximize damage output.

While strong enough to handle primary aggression and playable as a solo class, the Forward benefits from playing with a stronger class that can draw enemy attention.

Playstyle: Sucker Punch

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The bulk of the Striker’s offensive abilities are geared towards attacking from behind, so many of the class’s offensive abilities are best used on enemies who are preoccupied with his teammates.

  • Lightning Kick: A series of kicks that propel the user forward, dealing moderate damage and knocking targets around
  • Triple Fist: Short-range flurry of blows that can target bosses’ weak spots
  • Storm Dragon Awakening: Chain skill of up to three attacks that propel the player forward and deal medium damage with each input
  • Violent Tiger: Combo sequence of two overhead kicks in rapid succession if Enter is held for the entire duration

Additionally, the power of the Striker’s attacks often pulls him toward and eventually through his targets. This makes it the ideal DPS class for smashing through the crowds of enemies that tanks often attract.

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The Esoteric Gauge: Double-Bubble

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As the Striker deals damage to enemies, they will gradually fill up the esoteric meter in the center of the player’s HUD.

The Esoteric Meter is structured in a series of three “bubbles”, with each bubble representing approximately one-third of the meter’s total capacity. After filling a certain amount of bubbles, the Striker can use a variety of esoteric abilities – attacks that deal exponentially more damage at the expense of the bubbles.

  • Spiral Impact: One-hit, high-damage hit that consumes one bubble
  • Explosion Formation: Launches a series of three explosions that deal high damage at the cost of two bubbles

In particular, these two esoteric abilities can be used one after the other once the esoteric meter is completely filled.

The meter charges very quickly, often filling from empty after just two or three basic attacks in crowds. However, since most Esoteric abilities consume two or three bubbles in a single use, the Esoteric gauge will drain as quickly as it fills.

Therefore, in order to maximize the Forwarder’s potential damage output, it is ideal for players to switch between standard skills and Esoteric skills, using the former to prepare for the latter.

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