The best slime combos in Slime Rancher 2

The farming-exploration hybrid Slime Rancher 2 has many different tricks you can use to maximize efficiency. One of the tried and tested aspects of the original Slime Rancher is the ability to combine two slime types into a single large slime called Largo’s. The purpose behind this is that players can save space, especially in the conservatory where players will spend a lot of time. Figuring out the best slime combos or largos will help players tremendously – here is our list of the best possible slime combos in Slime Rancher 2.

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The best slime combos in Slime Rancher 2

We’ll try to order these from the first encounter to the last encounter, so players can maximize time and space right away.

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  • Pink + Phosphor Slime
    • Favorite Food — Blueberry
    • Make sure you have them sun protection for the corral, otherwise your largo will pop!
    • Pink doesn’t have a favorite food, so combining with Phosphorus takes on the secondary cubeberries’ favorite food, which is early play fodder.
  • Cotton + Tabby Slime
    • Favorite Food — Water Salad
    • Tabby Slimes can quickly become a headache in the early game with their meat requirements, and having the finances required for a high-level peg is out of reach. Instead, take the Cotton Slime Plorts and feed them water lettuce.
  • Honey + Slime
    • Favorite Food — Mint Mango
    • Mint Mango’s Honey Slime’s favorite food is much easier to obtain since they can be farmed, and they can be found in roughly the same area. Moondew nectar cannot be farmed at home, making it an undesirable primary food source.
  • Rock + Fishing Slime
    • Favorite Food — Beetroot
    • Anglers who can be found in roughly the same area of ​​Starlight Strand want sea hens as their food of choice. Mixing them with Rock Slimes makes a much easier question, and it’s wonderful to see them dazzle themselves.
  • Boom + Batty slime
    • Favorite Food — Pomegranate
    • These two hang out in the Ember Valley, although Batty’s prefer to be at higher elevations. Pomegranates, the Batty’s favorite food, are easier to grow for Boom Slimes than Briar Hens.
  • Crystal + Phosphor (Cuberry) or Honey (Mint Mango) or Batty (Pomegranate) or Cotton (Salad)
    • Favorite food – depends on merge
    • Crystal is the odd one out, and its coveted Odd Onion food is a chore to grow as it requires carrots. Mix it with any favorite vegetarian (according to Plort market) to handle.
      • The same tactic should be used with ringtails since they don’t have a favorite food. Their merger will allow doubled Plort production. The best slime combos in Slime Rancher 2

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