The best playbooks in NBA 2K23

One of the most popular game modes in NBA 2K23 is MyTeam. It requires knowledge and strategy to win, especially after you’ve managed to get out of the early game and are now moving on to more difficult challenges. Finding and getting the best cards and developing your squad is essential, but taking a strategic and tactical approach to your games is just as important. This is where getting and using a good playbook comes in. Of course, there’s a tool for every job, so in this guide we’re listing our picks of the top five playbooks to customize with your own approach to your NBA 2K23 MyTeam gameplay.

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The best playbooks in NBA 2K23

5. Golden State Warriors playbook

The Warriors Playbook is the best playbook from the current era of the NBA, offering a wide range of plays with a whopping 47 of them. However, they mostly revolve around opening your PG for positions to score 3-pointers. It’s built around an elite shooter like Stephen Curry. So if your team doesn’t have such a player, this playbook could be more of a hindrance. But if you do, this is without a doubt one of the best playbooks out there.

4. 2008 Houston Rockets playbook

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the concept of playbooks in general, then this might be the playbook for you. Unlike most, this one only has 17 games, but these offer a deceptively large variety of options for your team. Sometimes simple is equally effective. The 2008 Rockets playbook is at its most powerful when used for dashes in paint and melee games like pick and roll and handoffs to a 3-point shooter.

3. Dallas Mavericks playbook from 2003

Like the legendary team it takes its name from, this playbook is balanced, team-oriented, and plays in the “classic basketball” trope it was known for back then. For that reason, this is a great playbook when you have a team of good players without any absolute stars to build around. There are 41 games that offer a wide variety of options, and the sheer versatility is a good reason to invest in it. This leads to a certain downside of this playbook – it’s one of the more expensive ones you can get.

2. 2013 Miami Heat Playbook

Take the Warriors Playbook and add more of the versatility that made Miami the dominant team of its time, and you’ll have an idea of ​​what this playbook is all about. This one works best when you have several great shooters on your team, especially when they take different positions to further confuse the opposition. There are 45 plays to choose from, and while many of them play around the 3-point line, there’s a robustness and teamplay aspect that makes it dangerous from almost any line of attack.

1. 1996 Chicago Bulls playbook

The myth, the legend. This playbook is meant to be played the same way this classic team used to play. Do you want post plays or wide winger plays? This is the playbook for you. But where this playbook really shines is in isolation games. To do it right, you’ll want to make sure you have some elite one-on-one players. If your players are outperforming their markers pound for pound, this playbook lets you spread the defense and let your best players fight one-on-one duels they should always win. Good dribbling and shooting skills are a must for this playstyle, but it’s still effective after all these years for a reason.

How to get playbooks in NBA 2K23

In order to even get playbooks, you must purchase them from the Auction House in NBA 2K23, which itself must be unlocked first. To do this, go to MyTeam in NBA 2K23 and make sure you have collected 30 Unlock Auction House cards from packs in the MyTeam game mode.

When the auction house is open, you can navigate to the auction page and look for a “search” feature. By default, it’s set to search for “players,” but since we want to find playbooks, you’ll need to switch it to “franchise” instead.

Next, you need to choose the type of card you want to search for. In this case, scroll through the categories offered until you find “Playbooks”. Finally, you can browse the different playbooks and choose the right one for your team. All you have to do is spend your MT Coins to get the playbook you want. The best playbooks in NBA 2K23

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