The best perks for Velma in MultiVersus

Velma brings her investigative mind and keen eye to MultiVersus, acting as both a ranged and support character. Your playstyle largely revolves around these two roles, and finding a balance in playstyle is key to mastering them. This also applies to her range of perks, as you’ll want to find a balance between support and ranged attacks. So if you have any doubts, read on to find out what are the best perks for Velma in Multiversus.

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Velma’s leveling perks

As you level up the character, you’ll unlock some perks along the way. For Velma, these benefits are:

  • killshot (Level 2)
  • Painted target (Level 4)
  • Equip Ally Perks (level 6)
  • Slippery customer (Level 7)
  • perk training (Level 9)
  • Shirt Cannon Sniper (Level 11)
  • ice cream to hit you! (Level 12)
  • hit me if you can (Level 13)

Velma’s Signature Perks

Besides normal perks that everyone can access, Velma has two unique perks. Those are :

  • Educated (Level 8)
  • Knowledge is power (Level 10)

Both of Velma’s signature perks revolve around her proof mechanic. Educated she begins with a piece of evidence already collected when she spawns. In the meantime, Knowledge is power provides more of a supportive benefit, giving Velma’s allies 7 Gray Health when they pick up an Evidence for her. Essentially, this means the choice comes down to how aggressively you want to play as Velma, as Educated is the more offensive option between the two.

The best advantages for Velma

Most of Velma’s attacks and abilities have a ranged component and are flexible in how they interact with her enemies and ally. That puts a lot of emphasis on collecting perks that enhance those skills. But there’s also some to be said for getting purely supportive perks, so these can be solid options if you just want to help your partner. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with mixing the two and picking and choosing options from either camp.

S Tier Perks

  • killshot
  • ice cream to hit you!
  • Shirt Cannon Sniper
  • triple jump

A-Tier Perks

  • back to back
  • Boundless energy
  • Fancy footwork
  • hit me if you can
  • Kryptonian skin
  • Let it rain dog!
  • Slippery customer
  • Slippery on feint
  • Speed ​​Force Assist
  • Stronger than ever
  • That’s flammable, Doc!

B Tier Perks

  • …In a single border!
  • aerialist
  • clear the air
  • Coffeezilla
  • Hit ‘Em while they’re down
  • stage winner
  • School me once…
  • Rugged Dodger
  • Tasmanian trigonometry
  • ‘Toon Elasticity
  • Wonder Twin Powers, activate!

C Tier Perks

  • armor crush
  • collateral damage
  • gravity manipulation
  • I dodge, you dodge, we dodge
  • Last Stand
  • Painted target
  • Ready for revenge
  • Second wind under your wings
  • snowball effect
  • Static Electricity
  • That’s (not) all, folks!
  • The purest motivation
  • Up, up and A-Slay

Tier D Perks

  • Absorb and go
  • Lumpy Space Punch
  • Percussive clout
  • wildcat bat The best perks for Velma in MultiVersus

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