The best non-degradable armor in Runescape RS3

Most of Runescape’s highest tier armor will degrade, gradually taking damage from incoming attacks before breaking down and requiring expensive repairs. Luckily, there are competent late-game armor sets that don’t degrade, allowing you to tackle tough PvM challenges on a tight budget. Containing non-degradable armor sets from all three branches of the combat tree – melee, magic, and ranged – this article will give you inexpensive ways to approach bosses.

Best non-degradable melee armor

When it comes to hand-to-hand combat, the Zaros Anima Core is the best armor set you can get that won’t break with use. All three pieces of the armor set – Helm, Legs, and Body – can be crafted using a Crest of Zaros on a dormant Anima Core, with both items available as rare drops from bosses in Heart of Gielinor. While cores drop from all four bosses of the dungeon, the Crest of Zaros only drops from Vindicta, the general of Zaros.

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Zaros’ Anima Core requires level 80 Defense to equip and is statistically comparable to another set of level 80 armor, the Torva set. While Torva Armor is mined, it provides a bonus to Constitution and Prayer that Zaros Core lacks. It’s also worth noting that all three pieces of the full Zaros set cost about a third of what the Torva full helm, plate body and plate legs cost on the Great Exchange.

Best non-degradable ranged armor

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The Heart of Gielinor also features the strongest non-degradable ranged gear in the form of Zamorak’s Anima Core. Like Zaros, Zamorak’s Anima Core requires a dormant core as well as a Crest of Zamorak, which only drops from Zamorak’s Twin Furies, Nymora, and Avaryss.

Zamorak’s core also requires 80 defense to equip, with its ranged and defensive abilities putting it on par with tier 80 Pernix gear. Again, core Zamorak lacks the life and prayer bonuses of its mineable equivalent, although the price difference between a three-piece set of Zamorak and all five pieces of Pernix is ​​considerably negligible. At around 30,000,000 gp for the full Zamorak as opposed to 42,000,000 gp for the full Pernix, it may be worth using the latter instead if repair costs aren’t such a big issue.

Best non-degradable magic armor

The highest rated non-minable magic set, Seren’s Anima Core, also results from rare boss drops in Heart of Gielinor. As you might expect, the Crest of Seren required to assemble this set from a dormant anima core is looted from Helwyr, Seren’s general in this dungeon.

Seren’s Anima Core requires 80 Defense and is about as effective as the degrading level 80 Virtus Robes, albeit with no bonuses to Prayer or Constitution. Despite these similar stats, the benefit of the serum set for its cost is minimal, as the price difference between the serum set and Virtus’ mask, top, and legs is a mere 5,000,000 gp. With some of the most profitable moneymakers in Runescape, that marginal difference in price shouldn’t be hard to earn. The best non-degradable armor in Runescape RS3

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