The Best N-Rarities in Yu-Gi-Oh! master duel

N Rarity cards are the easiest items to get in Yu-Gi-Oh! master duel. However, despite their readily available status, these types of cards can have a big impact. In fact, meta decks like Drytrons, Prank-Kids, and Tri-Brigades all use N-rarity cards in some way. But regarding staples, can any of them be considered as such? While there aren’t all N rarity cards that can be considered staples, there are some that can be used in many different decks.

So, what N staples can help your deck? Let’s take a look.

Sphere Kuriboh

If some of the names on the list sound familiar to you, chances are you’ve heard Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links at one point or another. A lot of the cards here are extremely powerful in Duel Links, but just don’t have the same firepower in Master Duel. Sphere Kuriboh is one of those cards.

Orb Kuriboh has two effects to keep in mind. The first serves as a hand trap, since it can shift a monster that has declared an attack on the opponent’s side of the field to Defense Position. Additionally, it can also be used as a dual threat in Ritual decks. Orb Kuriboh can be banished from the Graveyard and used as a Tribute for a Ritual Summon.

wall of disruption

Wall of Disruption is a trap card that can be very handy, especially at the lower ranks. When the opponent declares an attack, the owner of this card can activate Wall of Disruption while it is Set, lowering the ATK values ​​of the other player’s cards. These monsters have their ATK stats lowered by 800 times the number of monsters on that side of the field. For example, if the opponent has four monsters on the field, each will be reduced by 3200 ATK.

Because the Wall of Disruption doesn’t stop an attack once it’s activated, it can help destroy a big thug on the field through battle and significantly lower the attack stats of other cards.

Bottomless drop hole

We now move on to a map that belongs to the Trap Hole archetype. Bottomless Trap Hole can be activated when the opponent Summons a monster with an ATK value of 1500 or higher. When activated, it can banish and remove from play that monster.

While it might not work well on decks that make good use of their banished area (e.g. Thunder Dragons), it can be useful against others.

Metal Reflective Slime

Metal Reflect Slime is a Trap Card that becomes a Monster when activated. After activation, it can be Special Summoned onto the field and set in Defense Position. However, Metal Reflect Slime has 3000 DEF, making it a very safe card for use in some formats. It can’t be Attack Positioned and attacked, but that shouldn’t be a big problem. Metal Reflect Slime has an ATK of 0.

If you’re playing in a format that only uses N or R cards, it should offer quite a bit of protection thanks to its DEF. Also, it can be used as a tribute or to bring out other monsters from the Extra Deck.

Parallel eXceed

Parallel eXceed has become a very useful card in Master Duel thanks to one of its effects that complements Link Monsters very well. Although Parallel eXceed is an 8* monster, it can be Special Summoned to the field while in hand after a monster is Link Summoned to the field. When it does, the star rating and ATK stats are halved. In addition, a second “Parallel eXceed” coming out of the deck can also be Special Summoned onto the field.

Link Monster-based decks like Prank-Kids and Talkers could both make very good use of this card. However, it has no use outside of Decks that use Link Monsters.

Paleozoic Canada

As part of the Paleozoic archetype, Canada was an integral part of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links for a long time. While it doesn’t have the same bite in Master Duel, it does act as a replacement for Book of Moon. When activated, it shifts an opponent’s monster to face-down Defense Position.

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Canada can be used to interrupt a litany of moves as it can prevent the activation of Ignition Effects and the Special Summon of Xyz or Synchro Monsters. Also, it can be Special Summoned onto the field as a Normal Monster when another Trap Card on the field is activated.

Enemy Controller

Enemy Controller was a card created by Seto Kaiba in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters anime show. When activated, it can do one of two things. It can either change the position of a face-up monster on the field. or take control of an opponent’s monster for the rest of a turn while another monster is being Tributed.

Because it’s a Quick-Play Spell Card, it can be activated either during your turn or your opponent’s turn. So it can be used pretty well to deal with big monsters during your turn. In fact, Enemy Controller can be used to take control of another monster, creating a large monster of your own.


We finish this list with an old-school card: Waboku. This card was one of the first Trap Cards to appear in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, and it had a lot of utility in the early days of the game. When activated, the user takes no combat damage this round. Also, monsters on the user’s side of the field cannot be destroyed by battle this turn.

Waboku is used a bit in Master Duel and mostly in stall decks that require a bit of delaying tactics. The Best N-Rarities in Yu-Gi-Oh! master duel

Curtis Crabtree

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