The best Monster Hunter World weapons for every play style

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the monster hunter Franchise is its weapon system. Like every other title in the series, the newest Monster Hunter: World Weapon system is very diverse. Whether you use the Hunting Horn or the Insect Glaive, each weapon is fun and unique in its own right, and unlike other fantasy RPGs, there isn’t an overpowered weapon class.

Played correctly, any weapon can be an offensive arsenal that opens many doors for players. That being said, you have a choice of all 14 weapon types World can be a daunting task, so we’re here to help you choose the best one for you depending on your preferred playstyle.


Big sword and hammer

Greatsword against monsters in the world of monster hunters
Image via Capcom

For: The “Panzer”, heavy hitters, fans of Dark Souls

We’ve grouped Great Sword (GS) and Hammer because they play very similarly. Both weapon types attack very slowly but hit very hard. The GS has longer range, can protect, and is good at cutting off monster parts like tails.

The hammer, on the other hand, is a blunt instrument best used for smashing parts like crowns, shells, and spikes. It can’t be used to block, but it has more repeatable combos, like turning into a spinning top that can hit your targets repeatedly.

Depending on what parts you need to farm monsters, you can play both. Need to cut off a tail? Run your GS. If you need to smash a skull, go to your equipment box and pull out the hammer. Both weapons have speed similar to Dark Souls weapons. So if you are interested in the franchise, give these a try.


Long sword against monsters in the world of monster hunters
Image via Capcom

For: Weebs, samurai, combo fighters, heavy hitters who want something faster

The Longsword (LS) in World is the web’s best friend. If you love action-packed anime, play action RPGs, or have a katana hanging on your wall, the LS will catch your eye. It’s less powerful than the Great Sword and Hammer, but it can pull off anime-like combos that are pleasing to the eye.

On top of that, the LS looks fantastic no matter which model you use. You can also force the sword to attack vertically or horizontally to hit certain monsters right where you need them – perfect for chopping off limbs.

change axes

Switch the ax for the monster in the world of monster hunters
Image via Capcom

For: Heavy hitters, challenge seekers, combo lovers, flashy fighters

Like the Hammer and GS, the Switch Ax is a slow, slow, heavy-hitting weapon. It has a few differences, such as B. the ability for players to weave intricate combos and switch seamlessly between ax and sword forms mid-swing. It can do insane damage but has a very steep learning curve.

Once mastered, these gorgeous looking combos can outperform almost any weapon in the game, but you’ll need to time your attacks to execute them flawlessly. Because of this, you may need to stun or knock down the monster to create an opportunity for a combo.


Sword and shield against monsters in monster hunter world
Image via Capcom

For: Beginners, fast hitters, hybrid attacking and defending players

The Sword and Shield (SnS) is one of the few extremely light weapon classes in the game, and as such it grants you loads of mobility and range on the move. Unfortunately, its attacks are much weaker than any larger, more powerful weapon, but that’s the trade-off for much more frequent attacks.

The SnS also has some of the simplest and most straightforward combos in the game, making it perfect for newcomers to the franchise. It’s also the only weapon type in the game that allows you to use items while blocking with the shield. It also blocks, allowing players to be more aggressive with their attack patterns.

dual blades

Dual blades against monsters in the world of monster hunters
Image via Capcom

For: DPS players, rogues, quick hitters

Like the SnS, the Dual Blades (DB) belong to the fast weapon classes in the World. It’s the fastest class of all. Thanks to the Archdemon form, the DB allows you to gain higher DPS than almost any other weapon, allowing you to unleash a whirlwind of increased damage hits.

You probably avoid playing as a support or tank if you play other RPGs. No, you always seek damage because you love the feeling of erasing enemies. The dual blades offer no defense, faster movement, and a ton of damage that will make you feel right at home.

Insect Glaive

Insect glaive against monsters in the world of monster hunters
Image via Capcom

For: Weebs, Aerial Combatants, Cool Cats

Similar to the LS, the Insect Glaive (IG) will make you feel like you’re in the middle of an action-packed anime in every fight. It’s also the only weapon in the game that allows you to leap in the air over monsters and dash and twirl through the air. You can climb them much more often than the other game classes by staying above your target.

The IG is also one of the coolest weapons in the game, albeit quite difficult to master. You get massive boost damage and combo speed if you can charge your IG with all three power-ups. It even unlocks new attacks to try. If you’re up for a little challenge to master one of the most fun weapons, IG is your go-to place.

Lance and Gunlance

Lance against monsters in the world of monster hunters
Image via Capcom

For: Defenders, Strategists, Tanks

Lance and Gunlance players are the toughest and most powerful players in the game. Their massive shields allow them to withstand the most powerful attacks, and both are remarkably similar. Both can be used in guarding, and both work best when their wielder is proficient in counterattacking and dodging.

The difference between the two lies in the names. One is a lance aka Big Pokey Stick and one is a lance fused to a weapon. The Gunlance doesn’t allow you to shoot from long range like the bow-themed guns, but it does add a bit of range and explosive, shattering wombo combos. The normal lance is a bit easier to use and has a bit more posability to compensate.

charge blade

Charge blade against monsters in the world of monster hunters
Image via Capcom

For: Sword/Shield fans looking for something different, heavy hitters

The Charge Blade (CB) is the natural conclusion of every player from the SnS. It comes in two forms: a combination sword and shield and a gigantic, unwieldy battle-axe. The sword form combo is similar to the standard SnS combo, but deals more damage and hits less quickly.

In the form of an axe, this weapon hits like a rocket-fuelled bus. Switching between the two forms and managing your Phial Energy makes this considerably more complicated than the SnS, but its attacks are much more powerful.

hunting horn

Hunting horn against monsters in the world of monster hunters
Image via Capcom

For: props, bards

The Hunting Horn (HH) is much more niche than the other weapon classes because it caters to a specific audience. You can play tunes over the weapon to bestow buffs on your allies, making it powerful in the hands of a ready-made group but much less effective in solo play. While the song-based buffs are effective, they are quickly overshadowed by raw damage and ailments.

However, if you’re used to playing support classes in other games and have a song in your heart, the Horn might be for you.


Light bowgun

Bowgun vs monsters in monster hunter world
Image via Capcom

For: Ranged Fighters, FPS Players, Wizards

There are two types of bowguns, and the first, the light bowgun, is the lighter of the two. It allows you to punish fairly quickly when shooting and reloading, and you can attack much faster. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hit nearly as hard as the Heavy Bowgun, but its fast attacks make good use of elemental ammo, making it the “caster” class of the class monster hunter Franchise.

Both bowguns require management of an ammo system, which adds a level of difficulty that other weapon types don’t have. If that doesn’t scare you, try one of them.

Heavy Bowgun

Heavy bowgun against monsters in monster hunter world
Image via Capcom

For: gunners, explosion lovers

The heavy bowgun might as well be the game’s cannon because it hits far harder than any other ranged weapon, and each explosive, screen-shattering shot is utterly satisfying to land. This weapon type is bulkier than the lighter variant, crippled by slower movement, reload times, and firing, but its raw damage tops the charts.

Like the Light Bowgun, you’ll have to deal with numerous ammo types depending on your target, but mastering this ammo system can dish out insane damage.


Bow against monsters in the world of monster hunters
Image via Capcom

For: archers, snipers, snipers

The bow is similar to the Light Bowgun in that it fires quickly and offers much more mobility than the game’s heavy weapons. It also doesn’t consume ammo, making it the most accessible ranged weapon to learn and master.

Unfortunately, it’s weaker than the Heavy Bowgun, but you can always use elemental effects to take advantage of its fast attacks. The bow also has a unique ability – a kneeling sniper shot that explodes on impact. If you want a ranged class but are more of the ranger type, this weapon should get your attention. The best Monster Hunter World weapons for every play style

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