The best item combos in Vampire Survivors

There are many item combos in Vampire Survivors that will help you survive 30 minutes of non-stop enemy waves. As you move onto tougher maps and fight stronger enemies, you may find that some of your favorite item combos aren’t as effective anymore. To help you survive, here are some of the best item combos in Vampire Survivors that will help you survive the advanced stages as well as the bonus stages.

Although these item combinations are tried and tested, you still need to observe your surroundings and not make silly mistakes/be surprised. The list is ordered by performance and priority, from most effective to least effective. However, since weapon selection is randomized as you level up, as long as you get something on this list as soon as possible, you can work your way up the list.

1) Mannajja – Song of Mana + Skull O’Maniac

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The Song of Mana is an area of ​​effect pillar weapon that will crush weaker enemies. If you can upgrade it to the Mannajja, you can hit enemies in a large spherical area around you and slow down enemies if they’re hit by the attack. Along with the candelabra, you can hit/destroy many enemies before they can even reach you, giving you precious breathing space.

2) Unholy Vespers – King’s Bible + Spellbinder

Unholy Vespers is able to block projectiles and damage enemies that get too close (if they aren’t already stunned by the effect). While some enemies can still slip through, you can take care of stragglers with other weapons. When combined with the Candelabra as well, the Unholy Vespers’ area increases and hits enemies further away from you.

3) Death Spiral – Ax + Candelabra

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The Death Spiral is a way to overcome the Unholy Vespers weakness. Because Death Spiral emanates from the center, it can push back enemies that manage to bypass Unholy Vespers, as well as hurt enemies that weren’t dispatched by Mannajja. Since the spiral affects the entire map, it doesn’t matter where the enemies are coming from.

Obtaining the Candelabra will also help any other weapon you obtain as it will increase the radius of some weapons (e.g. Mannajja, Unholy Vespers) while other weapons will increase in size (e.g. Whip, Bloody Tear).

4) Soul Eater – Garlic + Pummarola

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Soul Eater will damage enemies that approach and give you a chance to restore health. Sharing the same area as Unholy Vespers, it will be crucial in pushing enemies back to ensure Unholy Vespers can continue to deal damage.

When enemies get past Unholy Vespers, Soul Eater can give you enough time to avoid anyone who gets too close.

5) Bloody Tear – Lash + Hollow Heart

Bloody Tear is a great way to heal as its attack radius extends beyond Unholy Vespers/Soul Eater. Combined with Soul Eater, you may be able to heal all damage taken without having to search for ground chickens. It’s also great for targeting damage at glowing/dangerous enemies that drop treasure chests, since you can move to hit them with Bloody Tear.

6) Fuwalafuwaloo – Bloody Tear + Vento Sacro

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The benefit of Fuwalafuwaloo is that the whip attacks will now surround your character while hitting in either the left or right direction (depending on where your character is facing). This attack also maintains Bloody Tear’s critical hits and life steal while potentially causing explosions with its critical hits.

The Vento Sacro merges into the Bloody Tear, allowing you to select a different weapon to fill the newly opened slot. It’s perfect for another item combination, provided you’ve found another acceptable accessory.

7) NO FUTURE – Runetracer + Armor

Runetracer projectiles bounce around nearby, penetrating enemies and dealing damage. NO FUTURE goes even further by detonating the projectiles as they bounce around and when you take damage.

Unfortunately, since the projectile movement is random, it doesn’t do as well when it comes to keeping enemies at bay compared to the other items. But the armor accessory is great for helping you survive for longer periods of time in case enemies slip through.

8) Holy Wand – Wand + Void Tome

You don’t need the Holy Wand itself, you need the Empty Tome effect. The Void Tome reduces weapon cooldown and increases your weapon attack rate. It will have no effect on Unholy Vespers, but it will speed up the rest of your attacks (Mannajja, Death Spiral, Soul Eater, Bloody Tear/Fuwalafuwaloo).

You can just get the blank tome if you want; The Holy Wand itself can be great for latecomers, but the other weapons should do the job just fine too.

9) Hellfire – Fire Staff + Spinach

Just like the Holy Wand, you’re not really concerned with Hellfire itself, but with Spinach’s damage bonus. As enemies get tougher and stronger, spinach is a great way to level the playing field and ensure enemies are still falling prey to your attacks.

You may get lucky with Hellfire’s attacks, but you’ll more likely rely on Spinach’s damage boost than the weapon itself.

10) Crimson Shroud – Laurel + Metaglio left + Metaglio right

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This is a hard-to-get item, but it has great defensive utility, which is why it’s near the bottom of the list. Unlike other item combos, all three items must be at their max level before you can obtain the Crimson Shroud.

The Crimson Shroud caps the damage you can take to 10, meaning enemies can’t dish out more than that while it’s active. Once the laurel’s shield wears off, it will hurt enemies that attack you. It should only be taken if you really prioritize your survivability.

11) Bracelet > Bi Bracelet > Tri Bracelet

The Bracelet is a unique weapon that can self-upgrade after six upgrades. It’s a powerful weapon that takes time to build, but it starts off by hitting three targets at once. With upgrades, it begins dealing large amounts of damage even before it is upgraded to its future forms.

When upgraded to Bi-Bracelet, it penetrates more enemies. After six more upgrades, the Bi-Bracelet can evolve into the Tri-Bracelet, which upgrades are damage-focused. It’s perfect if you have a vacancy due to Fuwalafuwaloo or Peachone.

12) Only Solution – Victory Sword + Torrona Box

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The Victory Sword is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. It has a fast attack speed, great damage, and a short cooldown. With some characters it is possible to complete the game if it is your only weapon (e.g. Sigma). When it is upgraded, the damage increases. On the eighth upgrade, it can deal critical damage and even generate a finisher slash every five slashes.

The Torrona Box is the upgrade accessory for the Victory Sword, and both must be maxed out before you get the Sole Solution. The Sole Solution appears on the screen as a swirling galaxy that damages everything and makes you invulnerable. The best part is that you don’t lose the Victory Sword after getting the Sole Solution, so you can continuously do great damage.

13) Ashes of Muspell – Flames of Muspell + Torrona Box


The Flames of Muspell are a bit weak at first, they will need some upgrades to build some power. Fully upgraded, its cooldown decreases and its power increases, allowing you to decimate waves of enemies.

If you get fully upgraded from Torrona along with a fully upgraded crate, you will get the Ashes of Muspell. The attack speed is much greater, but it also gets stronger as you defeat more enemies (with the weapon). This can quickly escalate into an unstoppable attack that rips through tough bosses like butter.

With these item combos, you should be able to clear any map with any character. These item combos are perfect for completing any unlock challenges that require time limits, characters that reach level 99/100, or mastering bonus levels. Try them and with enough patience you will be able to unlock everything in the game. The best item combos in Vampire Survivors

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