The best Gunlancer built in Lost Ark

When players think about what makes a class a “tank,” they think of massive health bars, near-insurmountable survivability, and means of protecting their allies from harm. .

In Lost Ark, the Gunlancer is the prototype tank.

Despite its modest offensive power, the Gunlancer’s ability to revolve around taking down enemies while strengthening allies’ defenses, providing a combination of boosts and assists, proves invaluable to the enemy. most parties raid in the dungeon.

Play Style: Slow and steady

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With all of his eggs firmly placed in the defense basket, Gunlancer is noticeably lacking in skills that provide high mobility, AoE, and impact damage.

However, Gunlancer’s lack of skill variety somewhat limits his general applicability in most teamfights, he excels at knocking down and knocking down enemies, preventing him from stopping. Let your teammates be attacked in the process.

  • Bash: A fast melee attack that causes enemies to stumble upon attack and temporarily stun
  • Shield Shock: When successfully hit, the damaged enemies will have their movement speed reduced

What’s also notable about Gunlancer is that it is the only class that has the distinction of using its dash to jump backwards, instead of darts forward. Since the Gunlancer is designed to resist enemy aggression as much as possible, the backslash can be used to create some separation between the player and incoming enemies.

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Shield Meter: Double Defense

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The Shield Meter in the center of the player’s HUD increases its charge when the Gunlancer deals damage.

When full, Gunlancers can gradually drain their Shield Meter to activate one of two passive skills, used for self-defense or allies until the meter runs out.

  • Defense: Temporarily halves the user’s movement speed while reducing the charge of the Shield Meter in place of the user’s health bar, increasing damage taken until the meter is empty
  • Battlefield Shield: Redirects all damage dealt to allies to Gunlancer’s health for 5 seconds of battle

“Shield” skills, like the aforementioned Shield Shock or Shield Bash, build this meter faster than other skills, encouraging them to be used frequently in Gunlancer battle sequences.

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