The best Deathblade builds in Lost Ark

Arguably the most effective DPS class in Lost Ark, the Deathblade specializes in quickly engaging enemies and finishing them off before they can retaliate.

Since offense is the Deathblade’s best defense, she often benefits from complementing stronger teammates by splitting the butts of anyone not paying attention to her.

Playstyle: The Mixer

Emphasizing movement, comboing, and multi-hit-hold abilities, many of the Deathblade’s abilities take the fight straight to enemies and give them as little attack window as possible.


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In almost any combat situation, initiating from a distance with movement-based attack abilities suits the class best.

  • Surprise Attack: Dashes forward with a quick swipe, dealing moderate damage
  • Spincutter: Combo-based dash attack that hits twice, best used to engage enemies and transition to a higher damage ability when in the right attack range
  • Dark Axel: The furthest sprint skill available to the Deathblade, which is also capable of knocking down targeted enemies

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The Deathblade’s fast attack style lends itself well to the plethora of combo and holding abilities she can use to jump in and out to finish off enemies.

  • Blade Dance: Unleashes a barrage of slashes that quickly punish snared enemies with raw DPS
  • Soul Absorber: Lance-like ability that when fully held has medium ranges with high finisher damage

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Death Orbs: why not add some more damage?

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Dealing damage, the Deathblade charges up to three orbs in the center of the player’s HUD.

When anywhere from one to three of these orbs are fully charged, she can activate a passive ability known as Deathblade Arts. When under the influence of Deathblade Arts, she benefits from a handful of combat skill buffs that scale based on how many of the three orbs are fully charged when the ability activates.

  • Movement speed: 10% boost
  • Attack Speed: 10% – 20% Boost
  • Attack Power: 10% – 30% Boost

Since Deathblade Arts’ boosts work best on a full charge, Deathblades are recommended to keep their Death Orb charge for as long as possible. They tend to wait until the right time to give their offensive performance an edge, such as: B. Boss fights.

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