The best anime profile pictures of boys (PFPs) for Steam & Discord

Whether it’s Discord, Steam, or some long-forgotten social medium some people ironically use, profile pictures matter. They set the tone for a profile and a person’s presence on a platform, and can tell others a lot about them at a glance. Because of the context and story that anime characters bring, few pictures convey as much personality as anime profile pictures. That’s why we’ve put together this guide with some of the best ideas for boy anime pics that anyone can use.

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The best boys anime profile pictures to use as PFP on Discord or Steam

The anime profile picture someone uses will say a lot about them to anyone just casually glancing at the list of users on Steam or Discord. Therefore, that profile picture needs to be perfect, expressing just the right amount of each mood or emotion that needs to be shown in order to set the tone that others should convey from a PFP. Below we have listed some of the best anime boys to use as profile pictures or that can serve as inspiration to find other anime boys to use instead.

Saitama from One Punch Man anime profile picture

Image via Shueisha

The entire premise of One Punch Man is how boring life would be if someone could solve all of their problems with minimal effort. Saitama is a hero who has refined his body so that he can defeat any monster with a single punch. Unfazed by people’s overreactions and anger, he sees little point in getting upset about anything, an attitude encapsulated in this panel from the manga that has become famous among anime fans.

It shows Saitama completely unperturbed in the face of an enemy of overwhelming power, the perfect reaction when someone wants to show how to remain calm in the face of angry fans.

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Gojo Satoru from Jujutsu Kaisen anime profile picture

Image via Studio MAPPA

In the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, monsters run around the world in the form of curses and are wielded by magicians. Among these sorcerers, few are as powerful as Gojo Satoru. His skill and strength are legendary, making him a formidable enemy to anyone, although his easy-going demeanor and endless disregard for authority make him a problem for those in power as well.

This character tells other fans that this user is confident in his abilities but also not afraid to be a rebel with a cause. After all, Gojo isn’t here to make friends with those in power.

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Light Yagami from Death Note anime profile picture

Image via Studio Madhouse

Death Note is a classic anime with a simple premise; What would happen if someone with a god complex gained power over life and death? Light Yagami constantly schemes and causes trouble, all in the name of his twisted sense of right and wrong. He sees himself as a savior of the world rather than a killer, willing to commit the dirty deeds necessary to bring justice to the world.

Setting Light as your profile picture on Steam or Discord shows others that that person doesn’t mind causing a little trouble when it comes to getting the job done. Like Light, they always think two steps ahead of everyone else.

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All Might From My Hero Academia anime profile picture

Image via Studio Bones

Heroes may be widespread in the world of My Hero Academia, but not even the strongest hero can hold a candle to All Might. For years he has stood as a symbol of peace for a destroyed world and protects those around him, even if it could cost him everything. Enjoying near-universal love and adoration from the citizens of the world, he presents himself as the incredibly strong and invulnerable character we all need at times.

All Might makes a good profile picture when someone wants to show others that they can evoke a lasting smile and enthusiasm in any situation. It shows that this user is a hero and is here to help.

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Shigeo Kageyama from Mob Psycho 100 anime profile picture

Image via Studio Bones

Mob Psycho 100 is an anime starring psychics with extraordinary abilities, but for the most part it’s not about them. Instead, it’s about a young man named Shigeo struggling to find his voice in the world. He is a middle school student who is one of the most powerful espers in the world, but at the same time too shy and insecure to use it to its fullest. Still growing and exercising, he can be both very cute and very scary, sometimes in the same episode.

Using this image of Shigeo while jogging with the Body Improvement Club shows that this person is not afraid to put in a little hard work when it comes to self-improvement.

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