The attack on Joe Rogan is an attack on dissent

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Joe Rogan must be stopped.

This is the consensus of all the wisest and most benevolent voices in
our society. According to the White House, Spotify shouldn’t just lead
Rogan’s COVID-19 centralized with content alerts; according to the press
Secretary Jen Psaki, “Our view is that it’s a positive step, but there’s more to it
can be done.” According to CNN’s Brian Stelter, the host with the ironic name
“Reliable Source”: “He is currently apologizing. And we’ll find out if it’s
enough for Spotify, which has an exclusive distribution agreement with him. ”
Rocker who was Neil Young agreed; him, along with some other old hippies
musician, removed his music from Spotify in protest of Rogan.

What is Rogan’s great sin? To hear the media report, his greatest sin is
COVID-19 “misinformation.” Now, this is a rather vague fee, given the fact that
our public health authorities have informed us during the past two years
that door locks work, cloth masks work, children’s face coverings are
needed, vaccines prevent transmission, natural immunity is weaker
vaccine immunity, and the virus could not have originated in a Chinese lab leak –
All miscommunication was subsequently reversed. However, Rogan vowed to become
more information and more diverse guests regarding COVID-19 and

When Spotify did not cancel the Rogan platform for that fee, the reason for the
request de-platforming transformation: now Rogan is a racist for speaking the word FEMALE
while quoting rap lyrics years ago. After a leftist activist group promoted a
Rogan video synopsis uses such language, Rogan apologizes again. But
sorry is not the problem. No one really thought Rogan was a racist. For Radicals
Left, you either become a tool in their arsenal or you become a lesson object. And
Rogan has now become an object lesson.

He has become an object of study for two main reasons. First, Rogan has
steadfastly refused to join the party line toward President Joe Biden; i was broken
against Rogan in 2020 for noting that Biden appeared “psychotic .”
compromised” in the midst of an election that the media has claimed to be
future point of democracy. Second, did Rogan receive guests who did not
simply repeating Left’s problems on a variety of issues. That’s why
Left asked Spotify to completely remove old episodes from his show:
The alternate voice is not heard and Rogan has the unfortunate habit of
Talk to such voices for hours and hours and let them do their part.

There are a number of lessons to be learned from cleaning up Rogan.

First, the company lords have absolutely no guts. CEO Daniel Ek believes that
getting an exclusive license to Rogan’s show will increase listenership and
advertising dollars; he was clearly blindfolded by the backstroke, to the point where he
issued a meow letter to the company’s awakened interns begging their forgiveness for
their hurt feelings.

Second, the media doesn’t care about freedom of speech as a principle.
They care about freedom of speech for themselves and no one else. It was
It is fascinating to watch the growth of our precious Journalists (TM) from
First Amendment defenders to attack dogs on behalf of Big Tech’s censors
their perceived enemy.

Third, apologizing to the rest of the extreme king crocodiles is always a mistake.
Their goal is not a conversation. Their goal is destruction. If they find you useful,
they may let you be a Reek with their House Bolton; if they don’t, you
become Ned Stark their Joffrey.

Rogan will survive all of this. Maybe Spotify finally pays him a bag
cash in hand, and he engages his audience and goes elsewhere, increasing the value of Spotify
stock prices on the way out the door. That’s exactly what Spotify deserves
for their cowardice. But no matter what happens, lessons will be learned by those who
those without an audience of Rogan: shut up or face the whirlwind. And most will be closed

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