The animals of Elden Ring are sometimes scarier than the bosses

A massive bear in a foggy forest attacks a fantasy warrior.

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Elden ring is huge, filled to the brim with all sorts of murderous creepy crawlies seemingly destined to make your stay in the Lands Between as unsettling as possible. But the enemies that always cause me the most trouble are also the most mundane.

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It hit me during shipping Elden ring Boss Astel, Naturalborn of the Void – a “malformed star capable of catastrophic destruction” that looks like him Mr. DNA mascot from Jurassic Park was reimagined as an eerie abomination – at the climax of the game’s poisonous Lake of Rot swamp. I’d figured out the timing for the only truly dangerous move in his arsenal, and was absently going through the moves when I realized I was having a much easier time defeating this terrifying creature than I had encountering him Elden ring‘s more realistic wildlife.

Okay, sure, “realistic” might not be the best word for monstrous bears built like Popeye the Sailor Man, alpha wolves using magical soul arrows, and birds with swords on their feet, but it’s the closest thing Elden ring must have normal animals apart from those hilarious rolling sheep so give me a break.

Astel should be more of a challenge on paper. For one thing, it’s a boss that’s at the end of one of them Elden ringin more frustrating environments, and second, its unnatural form makes it much more difficult to comprehend. how Dark Souls and bloodborne before that much success in Elden ring often boils down to recognizing attack patterns; You might think that normal animals like bears, wolves, and birds would be easier to read because of their real-world equivalents, but that’s not always the case.

I don’t remember ever defeating any of them Elden ring‘s gigantic bears during my 90 hours (and counting) with the game. The magical, red-headed wolves that litter the Lands Between continue to be the bane of my existence. I break out in a cold sweat every time I hear the telltale chirp of an invisible attacker bird preening in a tree or on a castle wall. But when I faced a second boss like Astel much further in my adventure, I went into the fight with confidence and defeated him in one go.

Of course, what is difficult for me is not always difficult for someone else. I’m pretty sure I have some kind of mental block that gets me going when I’m fighting Elden ring‘s more realistic animals implanted through previously frustrating encounters.

Whatever the case, I just can’t take care of her. The birds can still be caught by spamming attacks and I can take down the magic wolves after repeated attempts if I’m lucky, but every time I come across the golden poop that indicates one of the bigger bears somewhere in the is close, I’m high-tail it as soon as possible out of the area. Forget becoming an Elden Lord or defeating super bosses like Malenia without any support, finally facing a bear will probably be my greatest Elden ring Challenge.

Pray for me. The animals of Elden Ring are sometimes scarier than the bosses

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