The 8 Worst Losers I’ve Ever Attended: None 8 – 2017 NLCS Game 3

During the lockdown, several blogs and even the official team website are reruns of Cubs highlights from previous years in an effort to weather the dark ages in baseball history by reminding us about how exciting this sport can be.

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A few months ago, my friends Kevin McCaffrey and Adam Mamawala of the Away Games Podcast spent part of an episode talking about the worst Cubs losses they had ever witnessed first-hand. (I can’t imagine how the 2021 Cubs could inspire such a theme…) It proved to be a very enjoyable ride as it went upstream in spite of the memories. the grief they ignite and I take it as a challenge.

After listening, I immediately joined the group chat and sent them my recollections of the 8 worst defeats I’ve ever seen at the ballpark. After observing what like Antonio Alfonseca, Matt Karchner, and LaTroy Hawkins did to me, they were seriously impressed that I still had the will to live, not wanting to continue watching baseball. A. Adam “I’ll be furious with you if you don’t turn this into a real article,” said.

So this is the first in an eight-part series that takes you through the biggest baseball nightmare I’ve ever paid for the privilege of witnessing. As Cub fans, we all have scar tissue from what our team did to us and this is mine. I think you will agree that it is painful but impressive. And I assume many of you have a similar list because this is something we all share.

2017 NLCS Game 3: October 17, 2017
Dodgers 6, Cubs 1

Here’s How You Can Tell I’ve Witnessed Some Horrible Losses That Tear Hearts: The loss where all intents and purposes sealed the Cubs’ fate during the World title defense The only series we know in our lifetime is at the bottom of the roster wars. It doesn’t help that this is also the closest core we’ve ever known to returning to Fall Classic.

This game is not a gut-wrenching punch because it lasted three hours and 39 minutes that the hopes and dreams of a football field were slowly being suffocated. At Ian Happ trying to end it, the biggest sadness of the evening was that I didn’t decide to go goth. Instead of “Go Cubs Go,” we should have ended the night by singing “Love Will Tear Us Apart.”

Despite the team’s excitement to cross an infinite field in October, the anticipation of playoff games at Wrigley Field is often cause for celebration. And in the inevitable and insane way, the 2017 Cubs took down the Nations in the NLDS, which should have made tonight’s evening more enjoyable. But with the Cubs down two games without losing a single with the Dodgers juggler winning 104 games, I remember something a little off-putting even before the show started.

Partial gloom is an extension of Game 2’s ending, with John Lackey give up running three times to go home Justin Turner. At the time, I was living in New York and watching that game with my friend Adam. As soon as Turner’s ball landed over the midfield fence, we shut down the game so quickly that Lackey only had time to say “FU…”

We fill in the rest for him.

Perfect, I was thinking. I’ll be flying home to see this awakening process tomorrow. ”

With that sense of dread as backdrop, Wrigley had an air of fear before Game 3 even started. I sat at the back of the right terrace and could see a lot of people queuing up on Sheffield to get in. But it seems no one is really trying to get to their seats on time. When the Cubs’ starting line-up was announced along the third baseline, the field was probably half full. The people in the park are working hard, but it feels like we’re putting too much effort into something we don’t really believe in.

The fact that Wrigley PA brings in players has been tested with Phil Collins“In the Air Tonight.” Because nothing motivates a crowd better than lyrics like “Well, if you told me you were drowning, I wouldn’t lend a hand…”

Bah gawd, it’s Jed Hoyer’s music!

After that, Game 3 played out as if what would happen if “In the Air Tonight” wasn’t actually drummed. It was a consummation of everything we feared it would be. There’s no worse feeling in baseball than predicting a playoff game with a sense of resignation and nine innings later, realizing you were right.

Here’s what drove this game into oblivion: I completely forgot that the Cubs were ahead. Oh, I remembered that Kyle Schwarber crushed a singles run at home in the first half and that gives a brief sense of Hey, maybe there’s still some life left in these champions! But as the years went by and my brain tried to repress the experience, I mistakenly thought it was tied to the game. However, looking back at my scoreboard, there is… the fact that the Cubs lead 1-0. It seemed like a good way to start a must-win game and breathe a little bit of old football field life…

This stretches all one hitter into the second person’s head, like Andre Ethier Instantly snuff out all hope with the homer tie up game. Chris Taylor hit another solo in game 3 to give the Dodgers the lead and they began to retreat with Cubs with almost no resistance. Usually, the phrase “Kyle Hendricks against the Dodgers in the NLCS” was cause for one of the biggest celebrations in Chicago history. However, on this night, every fan’s mood matched the Professor’s facial expression.

Meanwhile, it was Yu DarvishThis was the best hour in the Dodgers’ uniform, beating the Cubs’ formation with seven sorties and one run in 6.1 innings. But possibly the only time this sentence was ever written, Darvish’s best moment of the night came in one evening. With the Dodgers leading 3-1 in the 6th inning, the Cubs and Carl Edwards Jr. found themselves with two results, bases loaded and game in progress.

Dave Roberts decided to shoot .059 for Darvish to hit himself. Everyone in the ballpark knew what was going on – Edwards in particular. The Dodgers are basically taunts, “Bet now you can’t throw it over the plate three times because we put this in your head!” It was actually a famous strategic move in baseball history known as the “total move”. And it totally works. Sigh.

As each of Edwards’ throws missed the strike area, everyone on the playing field could see the footpath full of incoming bases. And we were powerless to do anything about it. In the meantime, the official Cubs hashtag has been permanently changed from #FlyTheW to #ThisIsFine. After Edwards let Darvish press the field, the Dodgers led 4-1 but the game ended all intents and purposes. It turns out that one of the most underrated boring parts of baseball is rationally knowing that a particular game isn’t out of reach but also realizing that there’s no way your team will get through. Okay. That’s the result of Game 3.

After everything was over, I went back to L with my dad and my friend Eric. Usually, the three of us love to talk and maintain a steady, spirited conversation. But we didn’t say anything during the ride home. For what had to say? The Cubs were completely defeated by a far superior team, and while the series isn’t technically over, we all know it’s over. Turns out we just watched the entire 2017 NLCS in microcosm.

The 2017 Cubs don’t have what it takes to beat the Dodgers, which is what happens when you recruit players who follow the rules. The 8 Worst Losers I’ve Ever Attended: None 8 – 2017 NLCS Game 3

Jake Nichol

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