The 7 Best Minecraft Horror Maps

It should come as no surprise that Minecraft offers endless possibilities when it comes to creating custom maps and immersive single-player adventures. But for some developers, there are scarier things to discover in the world of Minecraft than just creepers. We’ve put a spotlight on some of our favorite horror-themed maps that are packed with spooky atmosphere, terrifying dialogue, and tons of jump scares. Here are the best horror maps to play in Minecraft.

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The best Minecraft horror maps

Alien: A Craftsman’s Isolation

Image via Xander369


Alien: Isolation is one of the most intense games on PlayStation and Xbox, so bringing that experience to Minecraft can be quite fun. This map takes that loot feel and integrates it into a blocky world with an added co-op accessibility not present in the original game. You are stranded on a space station and being hunted by a vicious alien. You must sneak past him without drawing his ire.

Hello Neighbor

Image via Foodblex and Nukacho

If you’re a fan of the Hello Neighbor game, this horror map is built around and heavily inspired by that game. Like its source material, you’ll explore the neighbor’s house and try to solve puzzles by finding objects in the area while avoiding being spotted by the homeowner.


Image via Jaspr

In Insanity, you must complete the usual Minecraft parkour and puzzle stages while defeating enemies and dealing with the many jump scares along the way. As you become absorbed in the game’s events and sounds, you can unlock a secret ending by looking for 12 collectibles along the way to extend your playtime and experience.


Night shift on Halloween

Image via Edgemando

Night Shift on Halloween lets you be the last employee present at your workplace when a spooky Halloween decoration comes to life and haunts you. Your only goal is to get away with your life, overcoming jump scares and puzzles along the way. This is on the shorter side for game time, but you’ll get more than enough adrenaline escaping this building.


No words

Image via TheKing156


No Words tells an absolutely terrifying story that begins quite harmlessly. Just waiting for your kids to come home from the store and enjoying your favorite music – what could go wrong? Something went wrong. Something went very wrong and your family is nowhere to be seen. This chilling tale perfectly encapsulates a horror story filled with fear, guilt and more.

the coma

Image via Pink Sheep


The Coma is packed with jump scares that will get your heart pumping. You explore changing environments with many psychological horror themes interwoven throughout. The sights and sounds you encounter make you tremble and hesitate to move forward. This map is easily one of the scariest and spookiest horror maps you can experience in Minecraft.

The orphanage

Image via omerci


You are on the long drive home after a long journey. You don’t realize it, but you didn’t keep an eye on the fuel gauge. You can hardly keep your eyes open. Later your car runs out of gas and you are stranded in the middle of nowhere. You certainly won’t accomplish anything by staying in your car, so head out to find shelter and hopefully help. Unfortunately, you will find the orphanage instead. Explore this abandoned place and find out what forces are still at play here. The 7 Best Minecraft Horror Maps

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