The 5 best Minecraft city building ideas, concepts and designs

Building your own city from scratch and populating it with villagers can be incredibly difficult for even the most avid Minecraft player. From collecting all the necessary blocks and building materials to adding creative districts around the city, putting together an aesthetically pleasing and livably functional city by yourself takes a lot of planning. The following city building ideas can give you some direction on what your city and its villagers might need.

Minecraft downtown

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Minecraft villagers gather in the center of town every day at 12 p.m. or when prompted by the next bell. The bell itself decides where these villagers look at the center of town, meaning they will congregate where you put one down. As this place is likely to be very busy it would only be appropriate to give this place a polish.

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Try to build a town square around the area where you want to place the bell. This town square can be as simple as an open lot carved out of dirt paths or an ornate stone brick courtyard. Some sort of centerpiece, like a stage or fountain, can draw attention to it as the heart of the city.

Minecraft townhouses

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Once you’ve introduced villagers to your town, you need to build them a place to stay. A villager house can be as simple as some walls, a door and a bed to sleep on. While this simple design is practical, it often leaves a lot to be desired from a creative point of view.

When building townhouses, instead of assembling livable boxes, try to build homes that look and feel lived-in. This can easily be achieved by incorporating – or creating – pieces of furniture. Try adding a kitchen or more elaborate bedroom designs to the rooms of these homes.

Minecraft farms in the city

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If you are planning to expand your city, you will need enough food to maintain and grow your village population. Having a farm within the city limits can help grow wheat, carrots, and potatoes to offer to your villagers. If a villager in your town is unemployed, placing a compost bin near the farm can turn them into a farmer, allowing them to harvest and distribute these crops for you.

When growing these crops, be sure to irrigate your farmland with a water block that can reach any farm block four blocks away in any direction. Also, plants grow faster when planted alongside other plant types, so you can rotate your seeds as you plant to produce as much food as possible. You can also try incorporating other garden designs into this farm.

Minecraft city market

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Once you have these adult villagers in your town, it can be beneficial to give them jobs by placing some job blocks near their hiking trails. For example, items such as Brewing Stands, Smokers, Cartography Tables, and Fletching Tables can turn these villagers into Clerics, Butchers, Cartographers, and Fletchers, respectively. These villagers can be traded, giving you easy access to arrows, potions, meat, and advanced maps.

The land around these work blocks can be upgraded into a more elaborate marketplace. With the addition of tents and market stalls, these villagers’ inventories can take the form of more elaborate businesses. This can make your town feel like a busy trading hub for your Minecraft world.

Minecraft city park

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While purely cosmetic, leaving room in your city for a park can add some beauty to an otherwise urban space. This park can and should contain a lot of plants and foliage. Different types of trees, flowers, and shrubs can look appealing, and adding benches or other seating areas using stair blocks can give your villagers a place to appreciate them. The 5 best Minecraft city building ideas, concepts and designs

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