The 5 best companions in The Outer Worlds

Good help is hard to come by, even in The Outer Worlds. While it may seem difficult to find someone helpful in this world, your character can find a ragtag crew of individuals to help them on their fantastical adventures. While not all companions are created equal, some will be better than others. These are the five best companions in The Outer Worlds.

The best companions in The Outer Worlds


Ellie is a resourceful companion who can aid you with your engineering, lying, and medical skills while you’re in the field. She has the Quick Draw ability, and it always helps to have a doctor close by if you need help. If you’re looking for a character to back you up in a gunfight and help you stay in the fight, you can never go wrong with Ellie.

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Felix is ​​an aggressive companion eager to trip the enemy before they attack. He will give you increased benefits on Lockpicking, Persuade and Sneaking skills. At the same time, you travel with him, and if you want to fight against corporate military, Felix is ​​an excellent companion to take with you. He also has access to the Dropkick ability, which allows him to run at an opponent, jump in the air, and kick them with his feet.


Next we have Parvati, an engineer who is keen to join your party to help you in The Outer Worlds. As an Engineer, she’ll help you with your Engineering, Lockpick, and Persuasion skills as you work with her, and she wields a hammer, which she periodically strikes with to flop enemies mid-fight. So if you’re looking to buy yourself a few extra seconds in combat, it’s extremely useful for that.


SAM is a robotic companion that can act like a massive, mobile tank that you can take on on missions. It will increase your Hack, Intimidate, and Science skills, and if you plan on taking out enemies before they notice you, SAM is the best distraction. SAM has access to an ability that leaps into the air and lands near enemies, sending caustic cleaning agents at them.

Vicar Max

The last character we want to include in this list is Vicar Max, also known as Maximillian DeSoto. While he’s in your party, Vicar Max will increase your Hack, Intimidate, and Science skills, and increase any damage you do with a Science weapon using certain perks. Vicar Max has access to a Trickshot with his shotgun during combat, unleashing a heavy explosion from his primary weapon. He’s a good addition to your team, and both of you can make short work of any enemy in your path. The 5 best companions in The Outer Worlds

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