The 3 best pistols in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

For some, pistols are a symbol of desperate last stands and dire circumstances in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. For others, pistols are just as deadly as primary weapon platforms with their high handling and potential for deadly combat. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 only has five pistols when it’s released: here are the top three pistols to have in your holster for those dire moments.

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#4/5 – X13 Auto and .50 GS

It’s worth noting why these two fell by the wayside. The X13 Auto struggles to accurately attack anything over 10 meters, even if it has a few steps under its belt. There are some cards that focus solely on CQB and let this weapon shine, but the number of max effective range costs was just too high, even with multiple tiers under its belt. The .50 GS is your go-to handgun: mediocre range, higher damage, but recoil and accuracy were far too lacking compared to other pistols.

#3 – P890

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As a standard sidearm, this weapon platform offers proven versatility while delivering decent damage from its .45 caliber. Whether you let it run silently or let it bark, the P890 is a dependable sidearm that won’t impress in any particular performance, but won’t disappoint when you’re standing between reloads either. Try those Matuzek Cottonmouth cask with the Brno Express Trigger action, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself preferring the weapon in narrow corridors versus long-barreled primary platforms.

#2 – X12

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The X12 has a variety of weapon platform attachment options once you get a few tiers under your belt and shares the Picatinny rail system with the P890. Marry this platform with the XRK LUC-9 barrel, that 905F Comp on the muzzle and XRK flash fire for an absurdly fast and maneuverable pistol that will keep your enemies rampaging. Its light weight allows faster movement to overtake the opponent compared to most primary platforms. After the mod, don’t be surprised if you top the Modern Warfare 2 leaderboards, but make sure you don’t try to duel beyond 50 yards.

#1 – Basilisk

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Worth far more than a revolver ocelot cosplay, most watch this gun and avoid it just because of the memes. In practice, however, this massive revolver is an absurd weapon in the hands of a skilled marksman. The .500 rounds offer slightly less damage than the .50 GS, but their accuracy is nearly unparalleled in the sidearm world. With mods, this weapon can comfortably engage targets at 100 yards while serving as a one-hitter in CQB.

However, this is not an AWP. Don’t expect to punch an opponent in the stomach and knock them down instantly. Make sure to flick your enemies’ heads and enjoy absurd long-range precision that cripples the opposition and places you prominently on the leaderboards. Unlike the X12 or .50 GS, this weapon platform can perform well in all situations, making it an easy set-and-forget weapon system that can complement most primary weapons. The 3 best pistols in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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