The 10 longest animated films of all time

It is undeniable that long movies can lead to more sophisticated watches. In a world where paying attention to things is becoming increasingly difficult, films significantly longer than two hours may seem less appealing to certain viewers. Even film critics and directors seem to like shorter films, less than 90 minutes long, according to some decisions in the most recent Sight and Sound poll in 2022.

Few types or genres of film seem to be as closely associated with shorter runtimes as animation. Sometimes it’s because certain animated films are aimed at a younger audience who may not have a large attention span, but more broadly, the tedious process of animate something at a high level can make long runs less feasible. It makes longer animated films that exceed the two-hour runtime worth celebrating.



10 “The Congress” (2013) – 122 minutes

the congress0

The Congress is a weird, surreal sci-fi film that features live-action footage and stunning animation. It follows an actress who is struggling to find work, so she sells her likeness to a film studio, which then uses it for various computer-animated films. However, the deal also prevents her from ever starring in live-action roles again.

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It’s a timely story as it not only sounds like something that could happen, but could already be happening. Talk about making a movie with a CGI version of james dean caused a great deal of controversy about six years later The Congress came out. It also means this underrated and partially animated sci-fi film might be worth a re-evaluation.

9 “Fantasy” (1940) – 124 minutes

Fantasy (1940)
Image via Disney

The 1940 Disney classic doesn’t exactly have a plot fantasy, since it is a collection of short films that are not directly linked to each other. The basic premise is that each of the eight short films is set to a different piece of classical music and each segment is introduced in a live-action segment by a composer/music critic Holds Taylor.

Certain parts of the film are more iconic and memorable than others, but it was a groundbreaking work of animation for its time, and it’s always nice to see how the imagery on screen complements the music. fantasy also Disney’s longest animated film, although it admittedly tops out at 124 minutes by essentially being a collection of shorter films wrapped in one.

8th Akira (1988) – 124 minutes


Few anime films not produced by Studio Ghibli are as well known as Akira. It is a historically important and arguably timeless animated sci-fi film set in a futuristic neo-Tokyo and involving a plot where an underground military project turns a biker into a giant, angry creature with psychic powers.

It’s quite remarkable as well Akira still looks and sounds despite its age. When it comes to its length, it’s easy to argue that maybe it’s not long enough since it’s a condensed adaptation of a much longer manga and could therefore have been adapted into a series. Still, at 124 minutes, at least a decent amount of history fits into its running time.

7 ‘Spirited Away’ (2001) – 125 minutes

Chihiro and No-Face are waiting on the train in Spirited Away
Image via Studio Ghibli

Hayao Miyazaki is the kind of highly respected filmmaker who will make films as long as he lives. A decent number of his films hover around the two-hour mark spirited away being one of them clocking in 125 minutes.

It’s an amazing and at times quite frightening film about a young girl who has to cope in a foreign country that’s totally different from what she’s used to, all the while looking for a way to get her parents back since she were turned into pigs. The quality of the hand drawn animation is detailed and very impressive that it would have taken a lot of time to make such a great looking animated film look this good throughout the run.

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6 “A Silent Voice” (2016) – 130 minutes

Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

A silent voice is a coming-of-age anime film that follows a group of high school students with a main character who starts out very unlikable. His name is Shouya and he bullies a classmate who is deaf until she drops out of school, which in turn causes Shouya’s friends to avoid him.

Part of the film follows him at a slightly older age where he is shown to regret what he did and embarks on a journey to redeem himself and apologize to his ex-classmate. It’s down-to-earth and character-driven, and while undeniably sentimental at times, it works quite well as an animated film and turns out to be quite moving.

5 The Lord of the Rings (1978) – 132 minutes

Frodo as seen in Ralf Bakshi's 1978 film The Lord of the Rings

Not to be confused with Peter Jackson Trilogy that came out in the early 2000s and 1978s Lord of the Rings is a completely different animal. Most notably, it’s animated. While 132 minutes is a decent length for an animated film, it’s still not a lot of time to capture such an epic fantasy story, as evidenced by the theatrical version of Jackson’s adaptation, which runs for around nine hours.

The characters and basic premise are known, but the quest to destroy the One Ring is ultimately abandoned as this adaptation does not adapt any material from the third part of the trilogy. the return of the King. It certainly feels less complete than the live-action trilogy from the early 2000s, but it might still be worth a watch for big fans Lord of the Rings.

4 “Princess Mononoke” (1997) – 134 minutes

Princess Mononoke rides her wolf and holds a spear in Princess Mononoke

Hayao Miyazaki’s longest film Princess Mononoke, is also one of his best. It’s a sometimes dark and almost fairytale-like tale about a young man who embarks on a journey to heal a potentially deadly curse that has been placed on him and stumbles into an intense conflict between the people of an industrial city and beings who… live in a nearby forest.

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Through this premise, it explores issues surrounding environmental protection and humanity’s shaky relationship with the natural world. At the same time, it’s also a beautiful looking and wonderfully voiced fantasy film. It excels at delivering a good story complemented by strong, relevant themes.

3 “The Tale of Princess Kaguya” (2013) – 137 minutes

Princess Kaguya

Even at 134 minutes, Princess Mononoke Can’t claim it’s the longest Studio Ghibli film with the word “Princess” in the title since The Story of Princess Kaguya exists and it’s three minutes longer.

Directed by the late Studio Ghibli co-founder, Isao Takahata, and is a kind of fantasy fable about a girl who is discovered in a bamboo stalk and then becomes a princess. The animation in The Story of Princess Kaguya has an undeniably unique quality, and the film is rightfully considered one of the most iconic Japanese animated films of the 2010s.

2 “Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 It Was Three Times” (2021) – 155 minutes

Evangelion three times

Four Rebuilding Evangelion Movies were released between 2007 and 2021, aiming together to remake the famous series and give it a new conclusion Neon Genesis Evangelion. evangelions a series that is usually controversial when it comes to the ending, but the fourth film in the Rebuild Series, Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 It was three timesIt was generally well received by fans.

It is arguably one of the most ambitious animated films of all time and is considered one of the longest theatrically released animated films of all time. At over two and a half hours, it feels like a true epic. It uses its length to give a definitive conclusion about the whole evangelion Series without leaving loose ends.

1 “Space Battleship Yamato – Final Chapter” (1983) – 163 minutes

Battleship Yamato_ Final Chapter - 1983
Image via Toei Company

Battleship Yamato is best known for being a defining anime series from the mid-1970s that ultimately spawned a franchise. Due to the success of the series, there have been numerous films set in the same universe, including five animated films released between 1977 and 1983.

The fifth and final was released in 1983 and is the longest at 163 minutes. The story sees an alien race called the Dinguil aiming to invade Earth and make it their new home, with the eponymous space battleship being the only thing that has a chance of stopping them. It’s wild how long it ends up taking, but it’s quite an immersive watch for fans of sci-fi anime.

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