The 10 best Spider-Man games of all time

Spider-Man is undoubtedly not only one of Marvel’s most popular and successful characters, but one of the greatest superheroes of all time. While Peter Parker’s adventures in comics and movies are well known, his exploits in video games are also quite memorable. Here are the ten best Spider-Man video games of all time.

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Ranking of the best Spider-Man video games of all time

10. The Amazing Spider-Man

Image via Activision

The first Andrew Garfield movie tie-in game was pretty good for a licensed video game, at least a lot better than its mediocre sequel. The story here isn’t all that memorable, and missions can feel quite repetitive, but it’s an enjoyable experience. It had strong graphics and pretty good combat controls, but it’s not as amazing as the movie it’s based on.

9. Spider-Man (PS2)

Image via Acera Technologies

The first Spider-Man video game based on the film doesn’t come anywhere near the heights of its sequel, but it was a good starting point for the Sam Raimi films. It had pretty good combat and boss fights and was a dramatic step forward with its graphics for Spider-Man games. The web slinging isn’t anything special, but for a movie video game, the rest of the movement skills were pretty fun. Tobey Maguire and Willem Dafoe reprized their roles from the film, and we even got Bruce Campbell to narrate the opening tutorial.

8. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Image via IMDb

If you enjoy watching the multiverse Spider-Man in Into the Spider-Verse, you will probably enjoy Shattered Dimensions. Breaking away from an open-world design, this linear game featured Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man 2099, and Ultimate Spider-Man as playable characters as you bounce between realities to bring things back to normal make. Each character has their own fighting style, which adds a lot of variety to the game and makes it an unforgettable experience.

7. Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro

Image via Game Rave

Like its predecessor, Enter Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro is being held back mainly because of the hardware it was released on. This time you could fight and explore at street level where the original was always stuck on rooftops. The villains’ presence here has taken a step back, but overall this is another solid entry at a time when comic book superhero games haven’t had much success.

6. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Image via ynSection on YouTube

Web of Shadows is a game that took the rivalry between Spider-Man and Venom to a new level. With symbiotes constantly infecting New York, Peter Parker must contend with a darker side, with a morality system that decides how the story unfolds and whether or not Spider-Man wears his normal suit or the one covered with symbiotes. They also had to interact with Wolverine, Luke Cage, and Moon Knight, which were massive cameos.

5. Spider-Man (PS1)

Image via igcompany on YouTube

The first Spider-Man game to appear on PlayStation was also the first to bring Spidey into 3D environments, although he was mainly stuck on city rooftops. The game had tons of characters from Spider-Man’s villain roster, including a terrifying fusion of Doctor Octopus and Carnage. It’s obviously dated by today’s standards, but for its time, this was a great comic book game release.

4. Ultimate Spider-Man

Image via NRMgamingHD

Ultimate Spider-Man was a great comic book game that included a cel shading style to give it that side-to-screen jump that still looks great today. You’ll have to switch between Spider-Man and Venom regularly, with each side feeling great. While the games above had the feel of a Spider-Man blockbuster movie, this is the best comic book rendering of the series in video game form.

3. Spider-Man 2 (PS2)

Image via Eurogamer

For a long time, the game based on the second Tobey Maguire Spider-Man film was considered the greatest video game in this field. This was the first Spider-Man game to feature a fully open world, including street running, and was widely regarded as the best web-slinging mechanic in years. This Treyarch game was considered a monumental step not only for Spidey but for superhero games in general.

2. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Image via PlayStation

Miles Morales’ first starring role in a video game was powerful enough to land at number two on our list. With Peter Parker gone, we saw Miles overcome the pressure of tackling New York City alone for the first time. We’ve seen Miles reach out and represent a whole new community in New York and how important those relationships can be. In terms of gameplay, it was more like what was introduced in the 2018 Spider-Man game, which cannot be complained about at all.

1. Marvel’s Spider-Man

Image via Treyarch

Insomniac’s first run with Spider-Man was one of those games that almost everyone knew would be a perfect pairing when it was announced. It featured a new story with some expected twists and some heartbreaking ones that no one saw coming, and we’re not over it yet. The combat is great all around and gives us the best opportunity to control Peter Parker, fusing him with a style similar to the Batman Arkham games. The only downside here are the sections where you play as MJ or as a powerless Miles Morales because things get seriously slowed down, but outside of those very small sections we have nothing but praise for this PlayStation exclusive. The 10 best Spider-Man games of all time

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