The 10 best Nintendo Switch games for girls, ranked

The Nintendo Switch has had a much bigger impact in the console world than initially anticipated, especially after the WiiU struggled to resonate with consumers. Nintendo’s handheld hybrid now has a massive library, and finding specific titles that cater to audiences can be difficult.

The good news here is that with the massive library, users can find titles for almost every possible demographic. Most games marketed as “for girls” have struggled to hold their attention for more than an hour, but there are certainly titles that they are drawn to. Here is our list of the 10 best Nintendo Switch games for girls.

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#10 – Just Dance 2020

Image via Ubisoft

Find your groove and go to town in Ubisoft’s hard-hitting dance-a-thon franchise, Just Dance. With easy-to-understand on-screen movements, kids can lead themselves to success with a relatively simple monkey-see-monkey-do playstyle. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Just Dance has some very catchy songs in its library.

The only reason this ended up so low on our list is that adults should prepare themselves to listen to a select few songs by the end of time. “I Don’t Care” with Sheeran and Bieber will be permanently etched in your brain whether you like it or not.

#9 – Snipper clips

Snipperclips Plus
Image via Nintendo

Snipperclips came as a surprise as the two player mode meant my daughter and I spent whole rainy days giggling and puzzling. A good opportunity to encourage both teamwork and creativity, the bright and unique worlds will keep kids engaged for much longer than the initial gameplay can offer.

It’s no surprise that this title made our lists for the best Nintendo Switch puzzle games, best multiplayer games, and best couch co-op titles for the Switch. However, this title might not be for you if you plan on getting her hands on the Switch. The single player game mode feels more like a grind and less like an exciting process of discovery.

#8 – Overcooked 2

Gamepur screenshot

In the same vein as Snipperclips comes Overcooked 2, where frenetic, co-operative action is a hilarious if stressful focus of the title. Thanks to the Joy-Cons, it’s an easy task to add multiple players for frantic couch co-op action and guaranteed good times for the whole family.

Finally, the Overcooked franchise challenges players to complete simple tasks in order to obtain a meal, which is then delivered. Trying to complete four tasks at once leads to hilarity as the kitchen catches fire, rodents plague your attempts, and food is thrown everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.

#7 – Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee!

Photo via Game Freak
Image via Gamefreak

While I totally missed the Pokémon craze, my daughter has an Eevee thing. Explore the world in Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! was an absolute blast for her, as she was able to interact with the Pokemon in a way other games simply neglected. This title brought camaraderie to the fore and is cherished by parents and children alike.

There’s still plenty of combat and strategy to consider, with hidden items, unique developments, and plenty of enemies to get in your way. With Eevee by your side, however, everything seems a little more doable.

#6 – Hello neighbor

Image via tinyBuild

Casual horror is a great deal in especially now for the younger generation, thanks to titles like Five nights at Freddy’s, Roblox Experiences and Streamers. Screams of joy and terror seem to mix as children sneak around the neighbor’s house trying to get to the bottom of his underhanded deeds.

There’s nothing grotesque or nightmarish about Hello Neighbor, even if players make it to the end – instead, anticipation and noise are at the heart of this casual horror experience. It was also pleasant to watch as the neighbor installed new traps to block players’ previous path.

#5 – Stardew Valley

Gamepur screenshot

Stardew Valley captures the imagination of all ages and genders, so it should come as no surprise that it makes its way onto our list. Girls can decorate their houses, customize their character, interact with the townsfolk, explore dungeons, and of course, farm to their heart’s content.

With holiday events taking place throughout the game year, a plethora of storylines, and more harvests than you could shake a scarecrow at, Stardew Valley manages to score fantastic marks for replayability and creativity. As an added bonus, all dialogue comes in text form, encouraging children to read.

#4 – Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Image via Nintendo

Explore, protect, and save Hyrule with little more than the power of courage. Nintendo has made it out of the park with this violent reimagining of the Legend of Zelda franchise, and has garnered more than a few comments from critics comparing its development to the timeless Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

The plot hits all the right notes, the voice acting is a wonderful complement, and there are some moments of raw emotion as Princess Zelda is overcome with grief for her country. Breath of the Wild is a brilliant introduction to open-world gaming – perhaps the Elden Ring could be next?

#3 – Mario Kart 8

new york minute mario kart 8 track
Image via Nintendo

Get your beloved girl ready for the interstate rush hour with Mario Kart 8! Who hasn’t wanted to throw a red grenade at people swerving across lanes and causing traffic? Mario Kart 8 brings many Nintendo characters back together for another crazy racing experience in brilliantly designed levels.

On harder difficulties, the AI ​​can seem pretty unfair, but the multiplayer experience is the classic good n clean fun that people have come to expect from Nintendo. Building vehicles from unique parts, choosing favorite characters and unlocking new levels will keep girls entertained for much longer than most would expect.

#2 – Minecraft

Image via Mojang

It’s Minecraft. Build, dismantle and explore your way through a seemingly never-ending land where the only limit is your imagination. By far the best selling game in the world, all ages and genders appreciate the wonders of Minecraft.

The Nintendo Switch version adds microtransactions, although these are meant more for different aesthetics and skins and aren’t required in standard gameplay. Still, girls can appreciate a quick facelift on the standard blocks they’ve probably been breaking for years.

#1 – Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Gamepur screenshot

Build your island paradise however you want, fill it with adorable and unique villagers and live in a wonderfully simple world every day. It’s hard to explain how Animal Crossing manages to capture Zen-like moments and distill them into a video game with such ease, but it’s an enduring delight.

New Horizons is the latest installment in the Animal Crossing franchise and it’s still releasing new content. Users can visit other players’ islands, but the great appeal of this franchise is spending time with AI villagers and decorating your living quarters. The 10 best Nintendo Switch games for girls, ranked

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