The 10 best mods for Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Techland has supported Dying Light for seven years and is expected to do the same for Dying Light 2 Stay Human. However, there are some features that the developer just doesn’t bring into the game and for those you need to contact the modding community. This guide will cover the top 10 best mods for Dying Light 2 Stay Human so you’ll know where to start.

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What are the 10 best mods for Dying Light 2 Stay Human?

This list contains the top 10 mods for the game based on how popular they were with the community at the time of writing. They are not in any particular order because they are all equally popular.

Better paraglider

Gamepur screenshot

The paraglider in Dying Light 2 Stay Human is awesome. It helps you move across rooftops in ways you never could with parkour alone. It does have its limitations, however, and that’s where this mod comes in. The Glider now comes with all of its perks unlocked, plus a number of behind-the-scenes changes that make it faster, easier to control, and slow it down a lot less when trying to climb to the top.

Bring back the weather after the end

Screenshot via lueSteveY

Mild spoilers Ahead for this mod. The ending of Dying Light 2 Stay Human seems to be frozen in terms of the weather because you have chosen a large body of water. This mod changes things so that the weather is dynamic, with rain and cloudy days also being revised.

Extreme Nights V4 – The Return of the King

Image via Techland

Anyone who finds Dying Light 2 Stay Human too easy needs this mod. It halves the time of day and doubles the time of night for each day. Other changes, like fugitive patrols and double the density of nighttime infected crowds, make the game feel like a fight for your life. Be warned, this will push you to your limits and then way beyond.

I am Legion Reborn: Dying Light 2 Stay Human Overhaul

I Am Legion Reborn Dying Light 2 Overhaul Mod
Image via Jason Haskins

I am Legion Reborn is a complete overhaul of Dying Light 2 Stay Human. In general, it overtakes the difficulty of any mode in the game, but it goes much deeper. Enemies get smarter and deadlier no matter how you play. The infected are the focus, many are now investigating the noise more thoroughly, making life at night very difficult. Still, even the composition of human encounters has been optimized to allow you to travel at any time. This is the mod for those who want a much more hardcore experience.

Improved dismemberment

Screenshot via ISIKplay

The physics and animations in Dying Light 2 Stay Human are okay, but not great. This mod takes advantage of that and greatly increases the odds of severing a limb from an infected while fighting them, helping things to be a little more consistent with the series’ universe.

Increased Survival Sense

This mod is pretty self-explanatory. It increases Survivor Sense’s duration and range, allowing you to see infected, items, and anything else the ability reveals for much longer and at a greater distance while sneaking or looting.

Photorealistic Villedor

Screenshot via i8j8

This is the only shader mod we have because Dying Light 2 Stay Human is already looking pretty good. This mod just offers something different for those who want the game to feel more like Resident Evil 8 or just look a bit scarier overall.


Real Time Mod Die Light 2 Stay Human
Screenshot by Tohru Adachi

Real Time is a mod that does exactly what is expected of it. It changes the minutes, seconds and hours in Dying Light 2 Stay Human to represent the actual minutes, seconds and hours. So for every second that passes in real life, a second passes in game. This should allow you to get a lot more done during the day and avoid the night altogether if you wish.

See underwater

Screenshot via jremi

Another mod that doesn’t need much explanation. It changes the graphics of the game so now you can see underwater everywhere you swim. There really is no need to empty this huge part of the city when you can enjoy it like this.

Unlimited weapon durability

Gamepur screenshot

Weapon durability is a pain because you’re forced to switch out your best weapons when they’re about to break. Instead of spending valuable resources on repairing these weapons, this mod infinitely increases the durability of every weapon in the game. No matter how many infected you crush the skulls of with a single modified metal tube, it will never break. Reliable does not begin to cover it. The 10 best mods for Dying Light 2 Stay Human

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