The 10 Best Adamant Rail Builds in Hades

The Adamant Rail or Exagryph is one of the most powerful weapons you can wield in Hades. It will take some time to get used to his attacks, especially the reload speed. But with the right boons, aspects, and/or upgrades, you can quickly start decimating the enemies that stand in your way. Mixing and matching different combinations is great, but there are certain builds that stand out from the rest.

If you’re looking to get better with the Adamant Rail, here are some builds that may help you improve your performance. Given the random nature of boons, aspects, and weapon upgrades, builds only cover a few key parts. Everything else is up to you; There is no build too specific for a bug to throw it off track.

10) Demeter: Frost Strike, Killing Freeze and/or Arctic Blast

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The Adamant Rail’s fast attack speed allows you to build up cold stacks on a target. It slows them down and allows you to move around them and dodge their attacks. Combined with Killing Freeze, you can quickly deal damage over time. Arctic Blast is the other part of the equation, dealing blast damage when a target reaches ten stacks of chill. It’s easy to break through enemies while they’re scrambling to touch you.

9) Ares: Curse of agony, terrible misfortune and/or impending doom

This is an extension of stacking on an enemy, although you need Dire Misfortune for the stacking to be effective. Adamant Rail’s attack speed builds more Doom stacks for Dire Misfortune, which can greatly increase your eventual Doom damage. In combination with Impending Doom, it could easily break through stronger enemies, especially armored ones.

8) Dionysus: Drunken punch and numbing sensation

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Dionysus is one of the best providers of damage-over-time boons. The effect kicks in quickly and the Adamant Rail doesn’t have a hard time building up five stacks quickly. You can increase the power of Drunken Strike with Poms of Power, which deals significantly more damage with each stack. Numbing Sensation lets you slow down enemies and gain some distance, allowing enemies to take all the damage while you’re safe.

7) Daedalus Upgrade: Flurry Fire

Getting more ammo and attacking faster is always a positive, and Flurry Fire allows the Adamant Rail to do both. It increases total ammo to 18 and increases attack speed. With some of the boons above, this can result in powerful damage-over-time effects that can quickly add up. With Ares and Demeter’s blessings, it can deal powerful damage that enemies find difficult to respond to.

6) Poseidon: Tempest Strike and Typhoon’s Fury

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Poseidon’s Tempest Strike allows you to repeatedly push back an enemy, preventing them from reaching you. It’s perfect for larger enemies trying to rush you or preparing to attack. Typhoon’s Fury is great if you can push him against a wall as you deal increased damage. Especially in Elysium it is possible to take out difficult enemies in this way.

5) Daedalus Upgrade: Delta Chamber

The delta chamber upgrade prevents you from having to reload at all, despite being stuck with three-round bursts. There’s half a second of downtime, although this doesn’t slow attack speed at all. With no reload required, Zagreus can be more offensive with the Adamant Rail. Damage over time effects and even other boons that deal damage while attacking become significantly more powerful.

4) Zeus: Lightning Bolt, Double Strike, Static Discharge, and Slit Lightning

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Zeus is one of the best suppliers of harmful boons for the Adamant Rail. Lightning Strike triggers chain lightning effects, which increase in power with more of Zeus’ blessings. Double Strike allows the bolt to hit a target twice, while Static Discharge inflicts the Shaken status on enemies. Splitting Bolt features another instance of Lightning Bolt capable of ripping through multiple enemies like butter.

3) Artemis: Support Fire

Unlike other boons, Support Fire does not have to occupy any of the offensive boon slots. You will need one of Artemis’ other boons like Artemis Aid before you can access Support Fire. Once you have support fire, it’s almost like a second attack tracking down enemies. Combined with any of the boons above (or the Delta Chamber), you’ll shred the health of every enemy you encounter.

2) Aspect of Eris

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One of the best weapons for a speed run, this boosts Zagreus’ damage when he’s in his special’s radius. The damage bonus can go up to 75%, which can really hurt opponents. This doesn’t take into account other upgrades like boons that increase damage (e.g. Aphrodite) or weapon upgrades like Delta Chamber. With the right components, you can easily break through rooms and even make short work of bosses.

1) Aspect of Lucifer

The Aspect of Lucifer replaces the Adamant Rail’s normal attack with a 20-round laser beam. The laser beam’s attack speed is fast, perfect for Zeus’ Boons or Artemis’ Support Fire. It also works great with the other damage over time boons discussed earlier. It’s not compatible with the other weapon upgrades listed here, but you won’t need them if your boons can offset the damage. The 10 Best Adamant Rail Builds in Hades

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