Terrible: Illegally deported 6 times found guilty of three horrifying murders

Leftists argue that there is little, if any, harm from illegal immigration that we need to worry about. In their opinion, illegals should be welcomed into the US because the “global south” has been oppressed by the US for so long, and only by letting millions of people out can we redeem them all. all the damage we’ve done.

So it’s illegal to clutch the “no humans” pearl, the AOC is crying out over the border situation, and Biden’s uncanny willingness to let millions of people illegally flock to the US. only in the first year of his presidency.

But reality shows that there is a real cost to illegal immigration. Wages are pushed down, especially for unskilled workers, by millions of extra workers who will accept any wage. Border communities suffer from waves of crime brought on by cartels and their goods. Already burdensome welfare programs are being pushed to the breaking point as millions of non-citizens are added to their roster.

And, of course, criminals commit crimes. Sometimes those crimes are horrible.

Such was the case in Oregon, where an illegal immigrant who was deported six times and should have been deported again took advantage of the conservation state’s defiance of federal law to stay in the US and murder. three people. As Breitbart reports:

On June 27, 2016, illegal alien Bonifacio Oseguera-Gonzalez arrived at a compound where he was living with employees for a nearby blueberry farm.

While in the mansion’s kitchen, Gonzalez fired a loaded gun at Edmundo Amando-Bajonero before shooting Refugio Modesto De La Cruz, Katie Gildersleeve and Rigoberto Reyes-Mendoza.

Three of the four people Gonzalez shot dead, blood splattered on the floor because Oregon was stalking a criminal in the United States. One of them was killed after he chased her into the driveway, stabbing her to death.

That is the salary of illegal immigrants and is soft on criminals, especially illegal immigrants. Gonzalez was first deported in 2003, arrested and deported again in 2007, arrested and deported in 2009, arrested and deported twice in 2010, then deported a second time. six and the last time in 2013.

At some point after that final deportation, he returned to the US and was stranded in Oregon, a sanctuary state that forbids police from cooperating with federal officials to deport illegals. like Mr. Gonzalez.

He was never handled well. Nothing was done to retrain him or prevent him, a known border crossing and lawbreaker, from returning to the United States to prey on those inside her. If Oregon had caught him before the triple homicide, he wouldn’t have been deported because of its laws.

So as Democrats and their frenetic allies on the left side defend and advocate for illegal immigrants, remember the cost. Not only are financial and law enforcement resources strained when it comes to solving problems, but crime, many of which is terrible beyond trust, happens when you allow gangs to transport goods. million people cross the border.

https://smartzune.com/horrific-illegal-deported-6-times-found-guilty-of-grisly-triple-murder/ Terrible: Illegally deported 6 times found guilty of three horrifying murders

James Brien

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