Tekken 7 rank system explained – All ranks of Tekken 7

Tekken has been a staple of the fighting game genre for years and continues to be a hugely popular franchise, with Tekken 7 remaining one of the most robust and popular titles in the series to date. Of course, ranking systems come with fighting games, and Tekken 7 has quite a lot to offer when it comes to theirs. In this guide, we’re going to break down and explain Tekken 7’s ranking systems, including all the ranks and how they work, to help you climb the ladder.

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Tekken 7 offline ranking system

There are two separate ranks awarded to players in Tekken 7, one is for offline play based on your performance in the game’s offline content such as: B. Story Mode, Treasure Battle and Arcade. You start with 1st kyu and with each win your rank increases until you reach 1st dan. The only way to level up from here is Treasure Battle mode, and given enough time, you can reach Tekken God Prime rank. However, there is not much gain in leveling up in this mode and your rank will not carry over to online play. Use this to practice and improve your skills before taking on the other players in the online matches.

Tekken 7’s online ranking system

Tekken 7 uses a points-based system for its online leaderboard, and as players battle opponents, they gain or lose points depending on the outcome. The number of points you earn and lose depends on your opponent’s rank, which means that you have the best chance of earning more points when fighting players who are closer to your rank. For example, players who fight someone of the same rank get the most points, but on the other hand lose more points if they lose the match. The further you are from your opponent in rank, the less points you get and lose for the game. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you’ll be put into a promotional match that will increase your rank if you win. Alternatively, if you lose enough points, you must win a demotion match or your rank will drop. You can follow your level thanks to a gauge that shows your progress towards ranking up or down.

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If you want to rank up quickly, you can adjust the range and skill of the opponents you face off and set this to players of the same rank or higher or lower rank for faster progression.

Tekken 7 leaderboard

There are a total of 37 ranks in the online game, divided into 10 different tiers. It’s a big investment if you want to rank high, as each new tier gets harder as you fight tougher opponents.

silver level

This is your starting point and consists of novices and novices learning the games and figuring out what character they want to play as. You have to start somewhere.

Tier Ranks: 1st Dan, 2nd Dan and 3rd Dan.

Light Blue Stage

This is where you’ll find players who have a character or two that they’re comfortable with, ironing out their playstyle and learning their moveset. There are many casual players who play for fun instead of increasing their rank in this tier.

Ranks: Initiate, Mentor, Expert, Grandmaster

green level

This is where it starts to get a little more focused. Players at this level will likely have their chosen character, learned movesets and combos, and become more familiar with the game. They may not be perfect, but they will certainly put up a good fight.

Tier Ranks: Brawler, Marauder, Fighter, Vanguard

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Yellow level

In this level you will see players mastering their characters and the advanced aspects of their gameplay such as: B. knowing how to best use their combos, using effective defense, and knowing how to approach a fight. This is where things start to get real.

Tier Ranks: Warrior, Defender, Juggernaut, Usurper

Orange level

At the orange level, you need to start additional research. At this level, players are very familiar with the game, so you need to gain experience by playing against more players. This might also be the time when you should start looking at things like frame data, learning some fighting game terms and strategies like foot play, when and how to penalize mistakes.

Tier Ranks: Vanquisher, Destroyer, Savior, Overlord

red level

Players in the red level are experienced and enter the early stages of the high-level game, so of course they will be tough opponents with a deep knowledge of their character and the game itself. This is the start of the toughest climb up the leaderboard.

Tier Ranks: Genbu, Byakko, Seiryu, Suzaku

ruler level

Players in this tier aren’t all that different from those in the red tier, but they do have a lot more experience and knowledge. Here you’ll see players who are experts at frame data and can punish any mistake or slip, and who likely have above-average knowledge of the game’s roster and how to combat it.

Levels: Mighty Ruler, Revered Ruler, Divine Ruler, Eternal Ruler

blue level

This is where you’ll find some of your toughest battles, and arguably the hardest time climbing out of this bracket, as it’s where players are reaching for the top and on the verge of achieving that elite status. They’re ruthless and won’t go down without a good fight, so be ready for the grind.

Tier Ranks: Fujin, Raijin, Yaksa, Ryujin

purple stage

This level is filled with players who know the game and series cover to cover and have a ton of knowledge about the series, the characters, and the game’s ins and outs. Expect aspiring professionals and content creators here who want to make Tekken more than just a hobby—or have already done so.

Tier Ranks: Emperor, Tekken King

divine rank

Few can earn this rank, and the few that do are the true masters of Tekken. These players have played at a high level for hundreds of hours, know almost everything about the game and belong to a small group of the most elite players in the world. Players at this rank are often pro players seen in big tournaments like EVO and have often earned this rank for the lucky few.

Tier Ranks: Tekken God, True Tekken God, Tekken God Prime, Tekken God Omega

In ranked games, the rank of a player’s chosen character is the only one, and if you want to level up other characters, you’ll have to play them in separate sessions to increase their own rank. However, your list will automatically level up after you reach certain milestones with your main character, which means you don’t have to repeat the entire ranking from the beginning.

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