Tears of the Kingdom – Will they be reread in Totk?

ReDead are easily the most terrifying enemies players have faced in The Legend of Zelda series. These masked monsters yell at Link, causing him to freeze in fear as they slowly walk towards him, intending to eat his face. Given the size of Tears of the Kingdom, fans want to know if ReDead has returned. This guide explains in more detail what ReDead is and if it’s an enemy that fans can encounter in-game.

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Are ReDead in Tears of the Kingdom?

No, ReDead are not in Tears of the Kingdom. As in the image above, early trailers for the game featured a blood moon rising. During the few seconds that the blood moon appeared and the revived enemies rose out of the ground, many fans saw what resembled a ReDead. However, this enemy has now been confirmed to be a Gibdos. These insect-like undead mummies have faces that make them look like they’re wearing a mask, just like a ReDead, but they’re actually something far more tangible and disgusting. They can be found in the hottest and dustiest areas of Hyrule, such as the Gerudo Desert.

If ReDead existed in Tears of the Kingdom, they would probably be hiding underground, deep within Chasms. This would give them an advantage and allow them to paralyze Link from the darkness and attack him slowly and without breaks. We think that would make the chasms even more inhospitable, and they’re already almost impossible to explore without serious firepower, so Nintendo probably didn’t feel the need to include them.

What are ReDead?

Zelda Majora's mask
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ReDead are fearsome enemies first introduced in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. They stand still and do nothing while Link looks their way. However, as soon as he turns his back on them, they scream, stunning him with fear and freezing him in place for a while. The ReDead will then approach Link and pounce on him if they get close enough. If they do, they will gnaw at him and destroy his health. This enemy is basically the Zelda version of a zombie shrouded in dark secrets. It is best to leave them alone and avoid them at all costs.

These enemies have also appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, The Wind Waker, Tri Force Heroes, and even Cadence of Hyrule. Some elements from the Zelda series suggest that ReDead were once members of a traveling artist troupe. Their fate is unknown, but it is clear that it had an extremely dark influence on them, forcing them to become creatures of evil who hunt the living almost like spiders.

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