Tears Of The Kingdom Glitch makes Master Sword unbreakable

The master sword is one of the best weapons ever The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdombut even it is prone to the gradual style of play weapon degradation.

The blade doesn’t break like most weapons, but it gradually loses power and needs to be recharged. However, players have found a way around this using a combination of glitches. So if you’re keen on swinging Link’s iconic sword at all times, read on, but be warned, the series of glitches is quite elaborate and has a significant margin of error. While it might sound nice to have an unbreakable master sword, the whole operation is so complicated that I wouldn’t blame you for giving up and getting back to the game.

How can I make the master sword unbreakable? Tears of Kingdom?

YouTuber KnightPohtaytoe has compiled all the information zelda Gamers have found that they can recreate the exploit in a concise video, but warn that exploiting these glitches will take around an hour, provided you do everything perfectly. It requires precise timing and two separate save files, but if you can pull it off, you’ll have one of them Tears of the KingdomAlways the best weapons at hand.

After about an hour of gameplay, you need to reach In Isa Shrine on Great Sky Island to start the exploit. In it, save manually, create a second save file, and play through the game’s intro just long enough to fight the Keese in the ruins alongside Zelda. The bug essentially requires you to drop a weapon in a specific location and fiddle around with the menus a bit, essentially transporting the weapon from one save file to another like Link sends gear through time. If you do all of this correctly, you should find a master sword in your manual store called MsgNotFound.

KnightPohtaytoe’s video shows the entire process and also shows how players fixed a separate bug called “Zuggling” to upgrade the sword. However, this exploit has since been patched Patch 1.12so you have fewer steps to worry about.


The bug is really costly and I’m amazed that people have the patience to bang on a game long enough to break it like that. But Tears of the Kingdom really has inspired much of that creativity and exploitation with its open-ended systems.

[Update: 5/26/23 10:01 a.m. ET] Nintendo has released a new patch for Tears of the Kingdom which fixes several glitches, including the bridle used in the featured video. While the Master Sword bug itself still seems intact, the method players used to update it is now outdated. This post has been updated to truncate information that is no longer applicable.

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