Tears of lost kingdom hype

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom may be one of the biggest games of the year, but that hasn’t saved it from lingering doubts from fans. The stakes are high: the open-world adventure is not only the sequel to one of the best games of all time, it is Approval for hardware that is considered increasingly obsolete. Every time Nintendo promises new gameplay, fans immediately start speculating about it The It’s not time for the Japanese company to finally reveal that it’s working on a souped-up version of the Switch to release alongside the game. The message that TOTK costs an additional $10 to fuel the flamesbecause people sure won’t do it Get the “next generation” tax. What is last-gen hardware anyway, right?

In many ways, the spec fixation is just another example of a culture that confuses performance with quality, but that’s not the whole picture here. When people are so worried things like zelda‘s graphs and draw distancesit’s partly because Nintendo doesn’t really offer them much in terms of gameplay. Lore-wise, the impact of where Tears of the Kingdom that might work always have been juicybut most of what has been shown in trailers so far has looked incremental at best.

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The promise of additional verticality, explored in this game through the floating islands above Hyrule, is practically mandated for sequels as developers think about expansion in the most literal ways – see Unknown 2. It’s cool, but not earth shattering. And indeed, that was the common line of how most new stuff was received: potentially cool, but not The effective. Fans spotted old enemies here and there. They speculated that perhaps ancient civilizations like the Zonai were finally being more fully explored. Ganon is speaking now, although most people have no idea what any of those words we heard him say actually mean. After that, the bites get even smaller. Links arrows hit his enemies! Uh, new stasis abilities for puzzles? Welcome to BOTW 1.5. It’s probably going to be great, but we’re already a bit disappointed.

Tears of the Kingdom releases the new weapons

Perhaps the most exciting revelation in the marketing cycle for TOTK saw Link drive vehicles and planes, but even here something was missing. Players weren’t excited because they might have a faster way to get around Hyrule, but because they had memories of crafting transportation that the first game didn’t want to have in the first place. Nintendo took the ball and ran with it, which is cool in theory but paradoxically removed the core aspect of what made this a phenomenon in the first place. It was never the feature that made these ad hoc cars so exciting. It was player ingenuity, sheer coincidence, to give us so many raw ingredients BOTW magic followed.

Fans assumed we’d build these things the same way we did before, but it wasn’t until the surprise 10-minute gameplay drop at the end of March that everyone got a sense of what Nintendo really had in store for us. These do not appear to be pre-built vehicles but rather blueprints with all outcomes and shapes predicted and we only supply the parts. No, Nintendo has happened to build immaculate cars and ships for trailers before, but in this new footage we saw Link attaching and detaching logs at various points to assemble them in any ugly or ramshackle way he wished. Yes, the logs were clearly lying there waiting to be assembled for demo purposes. But it’s easy to imagine a determined player traveling Hyrule in search of the perfect piece of junk, or building a godforsaken boat that defies the laws of physics to escape the Blood Moon. What fans envision aren’t perfect adventures, they are Mixed up.

Link now fires all of his weapons

Link fuses a stick with a boulder in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Nintendo's upcoming open-world exclusive for Nintendo Switch.

screenshot: Nintendo

Obviously a lot depends on what Link can cobble together and in the video we see things like sails, turbines, balloons, wheels and more attached to commodities like wood and metal. “You can do a lot with it depending on your imagination,” promises Nintendo.

But we already felt that much. What was completely new for zelda had on Tuesday dealing with weapons and the ability to fuse them. You can place a boulder on a stick to make a hammer. You can fuse a pitchfork to a branch and stab enemies to death. You can fuse arrows with other objects such as leaves or ice to freeze enemies, but in the spirit of chaos everyone is wondering if we can add meat to the ends. My guess? Yes, because it would be a great way to lure enemies into certain areas. But people don’t follow it because it’s a smart idea; Rather, they do so because a good game doesn’t ask you to Why. A good game just makes you cook.

It’s easy to understand now, in previous screenshots and trailers, like nothing about it Tears of the Kingdom everything seemed so extraordinary or different. Sure, there are probably things we won’t see until the game is out and in our hands. Overall, however, Nintendo seems to be taking a lot of what was already there breath of the wild and redefining what you can do with those things, rather than adding some completely new things. They double up on Hyrule as a sandbox.

And with that, Nintendo has answered the question of how it surpasses itself. In return, players don’t just imagine what they can do with it. You’re already calling Impact Tears of the Kingdom will likely influence the entire genre, just like its predecessor.

I can hear every other open world game developer crying bitter tears at how hard it will be to steal this fusion mechanic.” youtube.

https://kotaku.com/zelda-tears-kingdom-totk-gameplay-fuse-weapon-car-meat-1850274230 Tears of lost kingdom hype

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