Tarot Horoscopes for Sagittarius: October 2023

The Six of Wands signifies a chapter of victory in your life, and overcoming a negative habit is not an easy task. Be sure to take the time to celebrate this new chapter of your life as it begins in May. I see you incorporating more work-life balance into your daily routine while leveling the playing field between you and your loved ones through acceptance, initiation, and maybe even an apology or two. Once you change your lifestyle, both internal and external changes can occur. You might want to try out a new planner to keep your work, social and personal calendar under control come May, because this month is sure to be one for the books!

April 2023

Page of Cups: Sagittarius, it feels like the month of April will be full of sweetness and gentleness in abundance. Even if you’re not always the best when it comes to the kind way you express your thoughts and feelings, there seem to be people around you who will help you change that narrative. If some of your boldness comes from past pain, know that you are no longer your old stories, my centaurs. Now it’s okay to put down the heavy burden and let go. When you are willing to become more present and forgive yourself and your past, you open the door to supreme favor and great blessings in the month of April and beyond.

It seems that many of you are healing a broken heart with lots of new contacts. So this month, get out there and connect with like-minded people by exploring your hobbies and interests in real life. There are so many missed opportunities for relationships of all kinds when we stay in our bubble for too long. This month will encourage you to explore new avenues and expand your social circle in a healthy way. Instead of looking for love in all the wrong places, you may find yourself surrounded by the kind of love you’ve always wanted.

March 2023

Two wands: Sagittarius, you have a decision to make, and it seems to be made on the energetic level. If you’re unsure whether to stay put or make a drastic change, your natural rule over the ninth house of travel and discovery could come in handy. You should feel free and excited about the life you live, Sagittarius. Now is not the time to give up and give in to an ever-changing reality. No. Instead, you should adapt to the different chapters of your life by letting go of the old, embracing the new, and having fun in the process of transformation!

If you’ve been thinking about a move or a change of scenery, consider taking a trip in March or starting to explore new neighborhoods – or a new city altogether. March will be full of inspiration for you and your life. Start by changing your morning routine. Even something as simple as a new coffee maker or a different route for an early walk can revitalize your brain and body. Once you start to get off the rat race, you will find that the world will respond more receptively to you and gift you with new, fun contacts and opportunities if you are willing to take those steps. The world is your oyster, say!

February 2023

Page of Swords: Sagittarius, this month asks you to take a step back and recognize where you’ve been overindulging in your relationships. If you find that the things you are feeling are not being accepted by others, it may be time to work on your communication skills and finally close the gap between what lives inside you and how the outside world perceives you . You can’t rely on beauty, wit or charm to achieve everything in life, Sag. Instead, spend some time giving back to others and healing the burnt bridges you may have created on your way to the top. If you are unable to make amends with people from your past, use your present to benefit society and get involved with causes or organizations that are close to your heart. Let this month be the fulcrum of your story from selfishness to selflessness. Time is a finite resource and we must use it wisely as we never really know how much of it we have left.

January 2023

Wheel of Fortune: What a powerful start to the new year, Sag! The universe is giving you a necessary shake-up, and it seems that this will help you find a new identity that is more accurate this year. They are ruled by the planet Jupiter; With this lucky energy in fire sign Aries at the start of the year, you will benefit more than most. Take big risks and pay attention to how you will be blessed this year. When it comes to your career, it doesn’t matter how much money you make if you’re not truly happy, my centaurs. This year will test your ability to settle, so let me help you: The answer is to take charge of your life and finally let go of the pattern of keeping your head down. As much as you may feel that certain titles, awards, achievements, and bank account balances are more meaningful than your sense of fulfillment, remember that there are ways to make money doing the things that truly make you happy.

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