Tami Roman debates racism with white real-world housemates

A problem that always plagues reality TV shows like The real world, Oldest brother, and similarly the continued placement of one or two Negroes in a wall-to-wall sea of ​​white forces marginalized people to navigate the audacity of the privileged in their own homes.

Such was the case in a recent episode of Paramount Plus’ Return of the Real World: Los Angeles, in which a Black member is, once again, in a position where she must engage in a futile battle against white blindness and forgetfulness by trying to explain to her friends her white roommate that certain terms are racist and should simply never be crossed-the lips of melanism-semi-separate.

(Until they learn their lesson about racial insensitivity, I have every right to continue to think of alternative ways to say “white man.”)

According to the report of Showbiz CheatSheet, the tense drama begins when the cast / Real World Legends Tami Roman, of course, Black, asked the cast Irene Berrera-Kearns, pigmented person and also a cop, a question of how she feels about handling the Black Lives Matter protests as a policewoman. Berrera-Kearns said she supports the movement but admits she can do more by speaking out against bad police.

Roman then asked the cast Jon Brennan, who Showbiz describes as “a conservative white guy who lives in the South,” what he thinks, and, well, it goes pretty predictably.

“OK, I live in the south, guys,” Brennan said. “I live in Alabama. Do you know who is in my house right now? The young Black people I look up to and I’m a father. “

Some thing:

First, at this point, it’s just not clear to me why Roman even asks people who collect china about racism and Black things. People don’t throw a ball into the air just to get excited by gravity because do what gravity does and let it land.

Second, how racist is it for someone who doesn’t like to use wipes when he can’t even get past saying “See, I have black friends” without using the term bigotry in history. history? Literally, Brennan took the opportunity to say “Black people” and chose to go with “Colored people” instead.

Somehow, things got worse as the conversation continued.

Roman, of course, called Brennan on his blackboard date, and Brennan replied predictably, “Well, they don’t mind. They call themselves words that I won’t repeat.”

In other words: Brennan has Black friends with whom he can read minds to say they don’t mind when he calls them “colored people,” and besides, they always call themselves the n-word. without the hard R, so what’s the difference, amiwhite… I mean etiquette?

Somehow… things. still. understand. worse.

Actor Glen Naessens, who has bologna skin color, stepped into the conversation to say, first of all, that he doesn’t see color.

“You know you need to see some color, so you understand what I’m going through in America,” Roman replied. Then Naessens went into his own anecdote about his black friend—And yes, that story also turned out to be predictably bad.

“The first time I really felt what you were passionate about was when I went with my friend John and I to a pizzeria, right?” Naessens began. “And they call him a *****.”

“You don’t say that,” Roman replied.

“I’m saying you could say he’s called the N-word,” she explained after Naessens began defending his slur usage. “You don’t understand that this word shouldn’t come out of your blatant mouth.”

* throat clearing *


Berrera-Kearns jumped at Roman and mocked Naessens for repeating the word n-via also repeat the nth word.

“You didn’t know it was a *****!” she shouted.

At that point, all Roman could do was shake his head and exclaim, “I can’t,” and inform Berrera-Kearns, “Neither do you!”

Talk about someone who has no color and no ability.

Maybe we just need more all-black reality shows. Then again, the cast of David Edwards, with whom Tami had had that infamous pillow incident and who was Black and not Black Malcolm, sat there for the entire closed and silent discussion. , then wonders Roman is also annoyed with him.

Watch the full clip below. The discussion started at 1:20.

Who was in charge of selecting these people?!

https://bossip.com/2115077/the-real-world-homecoming/ Tami Roman debates racism with white real-world housemates

John Verrall

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