Suspiria-End of 2018 explained: Who is Susie?

suspiracy is a 2018 supernatural horror film directed by Luca Guadagnino. The film is a reimagining of the 1977 Italian horror classic of the same name. The film revolves around a young American dancer named Susie Bannion (played by Dakota Johnson), who travels to Berlin to attend a prestigious dance academy run by a troupe of witches. Head of the dance academy is Madame Blanc/Mother Markos (Tilda Swinton) As Susie begins to uncover the dark and sinister secrets of the Academy, she realizes that the Academy is actually a front for the Circle’s ritual practices and that the dancers are being used as sacrifices to keep the Circle’s power intact. However, unlike the 1977 film’s ending, a lot happens that viewers may have missed.


The story behind “Suspiria”

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The film features a cast of talented actors, stunning cinematography and haunting music by Radiohead Thomas Yorke. It deviates significantly from the original suspiracy, the 2018 film is a visually stunning and haunting reimagining of the classic horror story. Guadagnino added elements of the myth of the three mothers originally introduced in Dario Argentois original suspiracy. The Three Mothers represent three powerful witches who roamed the earth, causing destruction and death in their quest for power and wealth. These include Mater Suspiriorum (set in Berlin in the new film but originally based in Freiburg, Germany), Mater Tenebrarum (based in New York), and Mater Lachrymarum (set in Rome).

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As the film progresses, it is revealed that the director of the academy, Mother Markos, is actually a powerful witch who has been using the academy as a front for the coven’s ritual practices. How we through the death of Patricia (Chloe Grace Moretz) and Sarah (Mia Goth), anyone attempting to fight the coven will be killed by the witches. However, when the witches finally come together on Madame Blanc’s orders to kill Susie, Susie turns out to be a witch herself.

The final scene features Susie leading a dance performance, which is actually a magic spell. As the performance reaches its climax, the floor of the academy begins to crack, swallowing the other dancers, marking the transfer of power from Mother Markos to Susie. The scene also alludes to the idea that the Circle is a cyclical entity in which power is passed from one leader to the next over generations. This ending suggests that the cycle will continue with Susie as the new leader, continuing the Coven’s dark and sinister practices into the future.

Susie’s true identity

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Throughout the film there were clues to Susie’s actual identity, whether it be the inexplicable kinship with Berlin or her ability to overtake Madame Blanc’s messages in the nightmares thrown her way. Accordingly suspiracy Screenwriter David Kajganich, this was part of a larger scheme to pave the way for Susie’s revelation:

Part of what defines Guadanino’s suspiracy Uniquely, The Last Girl doesn’t so much “defeat” evil as replaces and embraces it. Markos is a centuries-old, disfigured woman in charge of the Circle, trying to get a new, younger body because her current body is full of lepers, tumors, and the limbs of immobile infants growing out of her own. In Guadagnino’s version, Markos is shown as an impostor, and Dakota Johnson’s Susie Bannion is the real Mater Suspiriorum.

The new coven leader and the last girl

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Instead of stopping the Circle’s dark magic once and for all, Susie eventually overthrows Mother Markos and takes her place as the Circle’s leader. In the twisted final act, when Susie reveals herself to be Mother Suspirium, she summons her familiar, a demonic-looking creature who begins killing those in the circle who supported Helena Markos. All of the rituals and sacrifices were performed in the hope of giving Mother Suspirium a new mortal body to live in, but unbeknownst to the Markos Academy coven, Mother Suspirium had found sanctuary in the body of Susie Bannon. Susie/Mother Suspirium opens her own chest to reveal a blackened mouth that wails and sighs. She begins executing all those who chose the wrong witch, but grants a peaceful death to both Sara and Patricia, who have become semi-human and hobbled at the Circle’s failed attempts to create a host body for Markos. Susie, as Mother Suspiriorum, also gives the grieving Dr. Josef Klemperer (Tilda Swinton again) answers and gives him information about his wife, who informs him that she was killed in a concentration camp. She then touches him, erasing his memories of the horrors he had witnessed so he can return to his lonely life.

So it makes sense that Guadagnino wanted Argentos to explore witches in other episodes. The director had expressed plans to make a prequel centered on Tilda Swinton’s character and set in the year 1212, where she would learn to explore her powers. The 2018 film also positions Susie at the center of the troubles now plaguing the girls, pinning one of the three mothers firmly on the chess board. It’s important to note that suspicious is a very surreal and stylized film whose ending is open to interpretation. However, this explanation offers a possible understanding of the events that took place in the final moments of the film. Suspiria-End of 2018 explained: Who is Susie?

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