Surprising Titanfall 2 update sparks speculation about a sequel

A surprising update to the mostly dormant PS4-era shooter from 2016 Titanfall 2 has certain fans of the series buzzing with the idea that it means… something… related to a possible third chapter in the highly regarded mech shooter series. There are certainly some interesting things in the update, including references to the number three if you’re willing to go that far. It’s certainly strange, but have a drink of skeptic juice as we break it all down.

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Originally published in 2016, Titanfall 2The wall-running, mech-piloting first-person shooter action shooter added a much-needed (and very, very good) single-player campaign to the series’ already excellent multiplayer action. But given the fact that the game is between a Battlefield and a call of Duty, Titan Autumn didn’t enjoy enough time in the spotlight before the bigger marksmen finished him off. However, fans continue to stand by in the hope that Respawn Entertainment might see fit to create a third chapter. But during Respawn’s very successful battle royale Apex Legends Takes place in Titan AutumnThe universe has been mostly quiet for the past seven years Titan Autumn in front, and when there is news, Usually it’s sad. Well, that has changed a bit in the last few days.

Titanfall 2 gets a surprising update with a strange reference

A certain excitement broke out among themselves Titanfall 2 fans afterwards a patch that hit the game about a week ago, mostly with matchmaking fixes, so Not particularly unusual even for older games.

Then people noticed the patch notes for the latest update Apex Legends contained three groups of numbers, each representing the release dates for the first number Titan Autumnits sequel and Apex Legends.

It wasn’t all. Respawn has added a new game type Titanfall 2‘s multiplayer last Monday, September 18th. A game type selection that hadn’t changed in several years included a new mode icon with three question marks: “???”

The new multiplayer mode, in which players compete against each other with all-you-can-fire missiles, also contains an interesting description:

Your rockets will blot out the sun.

As some have pointed out, this sentence comes very close a quote from the 2007 film 300– a film whose title begins with the number three.

Titan Autumn Conspiracy theories are bubbling

Craving for a sequel Titanfall 2Fans have started scouring the internet to find out if there are other strange things going on there and, well, because they want to see evidence that something is going on there Titan Autumn Space, people will definitely find it. In particular, some unlisted YouTube videos and social media activity from Vince Zampella, head of Respawn Entertainment, are attracting attention.

Whether in jest or as serious “evidence,” some of these require a little splash of cold water. Yes, it is true that the channel contains some unlisted videos (as many have pointed out)’s Wayback Machine indicates that they have been there for years. More detective work has to be done has revealed that these unlisted videos are out of date Titanfall 2 Trailer. So, there’s nothing to complain about on that front.

Additionally, Vince Zampella happens to like a post that is committed to a future Titan Autumn game is hardly surprising. Zampella has stated publicly that he would like to see a future game in the wall-running and mech-stomping franchise.

excitement in Titanfall 2 awakens again

All of this has led to a small increase Titanfall 2 Interest. The game is once again trending on social media.

While Titanfall 2 It turns out that it hasn’t even broken into the top 25 most played games on Steam an increase in the number of playerswhich recently exceeded 25,000 active players.

Respawn Entertainment / AsmongoldTV

Kotaku has reached out to Respawn and EA for comment.

Titanfall 2 has garnered an enthusiastic, albeit small, fan base since its release. The hope for a sequel now matches the excitement that surrounds many other hotly anticipated but unrecognized video game sequels. And while I welcome a new multiplayer mode Titanfall 2What I really want is an update that kills the damn EA launcher and allows you to use 4K without editing the .ini file. A girl can dream.

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