SuperCoach AFL 2023 rookie trade guide, selection news: Darcy Cameron,

KFC SuperCoaches planning to use Charlie Constable to cover Jacob Hopper in round 3 could be forced to look for another back-up plan. Get the latest team intel here.

Is Charlie Constable on borrowed time?

One of the most popular cheapies in KFC SuperCoach has been named on the extended bench for Gold Coast as the Suns prepare to welcome his former side Geelong north.

While that doesn’t truly ring alarm bells, the return of halfback options Jy Farrar and Wil Powell to the Suns squad is a concern.

After a long-term ankle injury, Powell’s return was delayed by a hamstring injury.

But, after Lachie Weller came back into the Suns’ side last round, Powell is in the frame to play his first match since round 14 last year.

It could leave teams currently relying on Constable needing a big score from Darcy Wilmot or Oskar Baker, who were popular emergency choices on Thursday night.

Mid-price option Sam Flanders is also on the extended bench, so this could be the round to jump off — if you haven’t already.

Campbell Chesser, who features in more than 40 per cent of teams, is the other rookie to watch in Friday’s final teams.

After two quiet games to start his career, he looks set to make way for the western derby.

Jamaine Jones is the only certainty on the Eagles’ extended bench.

Chesser could at least provide KFC SuperCoaches with a loophole option, playing later in the round.



Darcy Cameron was already a great option in the ruck, and injury news out of Collingwood has moved him further up the KFC SuperCoach wish list.

Cameron was a popular choice as a bargain ruckman in many early KFC SuperCoach teams but many coaches were scared off by a pre-season hamstring issue and worries about Mason Cox taking too many of the ruck points at Collingwood.

There is no timeline on Cox’s return.

Last season Cameron played four games without Cox or Brodie Grundy in the Collingwood side, and scored 115, 108, 90 and 130.

Cameron, who is priced at just $465,900 and has the added bonus of RUC/FWD eligibility, has been added to more than 20,000 KFC SuperCoach teams this week. Should that number be higher?


Were the 7000 impatient coaches who dumped Jacob Hopper last week be proven right after all?

The Richmond recruit made them pay with 119 points against Adelaide but his owners had a huge scare when he went down clutching his knee early in the final quarter.

Hopper returned to the field, but will miss Friday night’s blockbuster against Collingwood.

Should we trade or hold? About 8000 coaches are moving him on, and the temptation is real with players like Will Setterfield and James Worpel at a similar price and about to surge in value this weekend.

But Hopper is a guaranteed money maker when he returns with a Break Even of 2 in his next game. And that shouldn’t be far away.

Asked on Thursday morning how long his star recruit would be out, Tigers coach Damien Hardwick said: “one week.”

“I think the short week, if they (Hopper and Martin) had a couple days’ extra, they would’ve been fine,” Hardwick said. “We’re very confident both those boys will be available next week.”

SuperCoach Plus projects Hopper will jump in value by about $75,000 over his next three games if he can score 75-80 points each week – with considerable upside on those numbers based on his Crows performance.


Get your Tom Stewart trade plan ready!

Geelong coach Chris Scott revealed on Thursday that Stewart has made a rapid recovery from the knee injury he suffered in round 1 and could even play on Sunday against Gold Coast.

If he misses that game a round 4 return seems locked in – and that means he’ll be ripe for trading several weeks early than most expected.

One the best defenders in KFC SuperCoach, Stewart is priced at $604,000, but that will take a big hit thanks to his injury-impacted score of 18.

His Break Even of 214 is the highest in the competition, but he has one more game before we know how much money he will lose once his price starts to change after his third game.

SuperCoach Plus projects a score of 88 against the Suns – if Stewart plays – which would result in a BE of 229 entering his third game. If he scores around the 95 mark he’ll lose about $75k over the next week three weeks and bottom out at about $510k in round 7.

Would you be prepared to trade a rookie like Reuben Ginbey that early to grab Stewart? Some dual-position wizardry could help with players like Jack Ziebell and Harry Sheezel in line for DEF/FWD eligibility in round 6. It’s something to start thinking about.


Melbourne will unveil young key forward Jacon van Rooyen against the Swans this weekend.

With Brodie Grundy required in the ruck following Max Gawn’s knee injury, van Rooyen will be a key target in front of goal and should get an extended run in the team.

He is priced at $123,900 in KFC SuperCoach and there is no need to jump early, but he’s one to watch over the next two weeks.

Two players who will make their second appearance this week and should be on your watch list are Jack Bowes and Samson Ryan.

Bowes ($277,500 DEF) was used all over the field by Chris Scott in his Cats debut last week and finished with 108 KFC SuperCoach points. Ryan ($123,900 RUC/FWD) played his second AFL game, and first in almost two years, last weekend and scored 72 from six touches – including three goals. He appears to have moved ahead of Ben Miller in the ruck pecking order at Richmond, with Ivan Soldo set for a stint on the sidelines with plantar fasciitis.

If either Bowes or Ryan score well this week they will be on the bubble going into round 4.


– Dan Batten

Rookies are usually all the rage ahead of KFC SuperCoach round 3 price changes.

But with mid-priced money trains leaving the station, cheapies have taken a taken a back seat as coaches clamour for players like Jack Ziebell and Will Setterfield.

While no KFC SuperCoach wants FOMO, ensuring you have the top cash cows should be the No. 1 priority ahead of round 3.

If that means getting on Ziebell or Setterfield after one price rise, so be it.

These are the cheapies you need to buy, hold and sell.


Harry Sheezel (North Melb) $198,300 FWD | Av 114 | Break Even: 116

Conor McKenna (Bris) $167,500 DEF | Av 86 | BE: -76

Will Ashcroft (Bris) $202,800 MID | Av 80 | BE -45

Reuben Ginbey (WC) $171,300 DEF/MID | Av 81 | BE -64

If you don’t own these four, get them in ASAP.

Sheezel posted three KFC SuperCoach double tons as a forward at junior level, but the exciting talent is now doing it at the other end in style.

Astonishingly, he has racked up over more than 30 disposals and 20 kicks in both of his first two matches and has also averaged five intercepts and 596m gained. A projected score of 67 will see him rise $83k – and that looks a modest estimate.

Some were scared off by McKenna’s modest pre-season scores but his role off halfback looks very favourable. He is averaging six intercepts per game and kicking at 82 per cent efficiency across his first two matches and is a reliable on-field option who the Lions will continue to use out of defence.

Ashcroft had a minor blip on debut but showed his class with 31 disposals, 15 contested possessions, nine clearances, a goal and 105 points against the Dees. The 21 per cent of coaches who don’t own Ashcroft, take heed: he is capable of producing these scores on a regular basis.

Ginbey has attended the third most centre-bounces for the Eagles and will continue to be used through the midfield or across halfback. His defensive intent has been impressive over the first two rounds, laying 18 tackles, and is another who you can trust on-field.


Kade Chandler (Melb) $123,900 FWD | Av 82 | BE: -94

Cam Mackenzie (Haw) $180,300 MID | Av 73 | BE: -43

Charlie Constable (GC) $123,900 DEF | Av 61.5 | BE: -53

Noah Long (WC) $117,300 MID/FWD | Av 63 | BE -59

There is a slight question mark as to whether Chandler can hold his spot when Kysaiah Pickett returns from suspension. But after seeing his performances across the last fortnight, I think Chandler should still be in the Demons’ best 22. The forward has managed to hit the scoreboard in both matches, has used the ball well and showed his defensive traits with seven tackles in round 1.

We’ve seen rookies who look to have shaky job security play their way into a side with promising form in past seasons, and Pickett’s enhanced role through the midfield should also help Chandler’s cause. With a tantalising break even of -94, it is definitely a risk worth taking.

If you’re unsure of job security up forward, Long is your guy. The last selection of the 2022 national draft has burst onto the scene as a hardworking small forward, hitting the target with all seven of his disposals on the way to 62 points against the Giants, backing up his score of 63 in round 1. The rebuilding Eagles should look to give him as much senior opportunity as possible.

Constable looked to be in danger of losing his spot to Lachie Weller but the midfielder turned defender continued in a favourable role against the Bombers, taking three kick-ins to Weller’s four. The Suns still have Wil Powell to return in the coming weeks but fellow cheapie Bodhi Uwland looks to be the most vulnerable.

I am still bullish on the hopes of Mackenzie despite his centre bounce numbers dropping against the Swans. His ball-use is first class and he should continue to receive midfield opportunity, as he did in his 93-point debut.


Tom Cole (WC) $182,300 DEF | Av 65 | BE -27

Anthony Caminiti (StK) $102,400 FWD | Av 54 | BE: -49

Darcy Wilmot (Bris) $123,900 DEF | Av 60 | BE: -49

Ollie Hollands (Carl) $162,300 MID | Av 64 | BE: -35

Mattaes Phillipou (StK) $166,800 MID/FWD | Av 68 | BE: -40

Josh Bruce (WB) $161,200 FWD | Av 62 | BE: -33

Luke Pedlar (Adel) $173,400 FWD | Av 59.5 | BE: -21

Alwyn Davey (Ess) $117,300 MID/FWD | Av 52 | BE: -37

Fergus Greene (Haw) $123,900 FWD | Av 41 | BE: -12

Max Michalanney (Adel) $135,300 DEF | Av 55 | BE: -33

Toby McLean (WB) $178,900 MID/FWD | BE: 18

Lachie Cowan (Carl) $117,300 DEF | Av 44.5 | BE: -23

Miller Bergman (NM) $123,900 DEF | Av 53.5 | BE: -37

I wouldn’t be going out of my way to bring in these cash cows unless you already have the top bunch of rookies along with Setterfield and Ziebell. And if you have, well … must be nice!

Cole looks to be a lock for the Eagles’ best 22 and could be a downgrade move from Liam Jones, and Ollie Hollands isn’t going anywhere either after 21 disposals and some gutsy efforts against the Cats.

Wilmot and Phillipou haven’t been high-possession winners but have been making every disposal count. Phillipou, in particular, highlighted his high impact as a forward with three goals and 59 points from just seven touches against the Western Bulldogs.

His teammate Caminiti looms as a potential trade-in option if you absolutely need the extra $20k. While he will be a slow burn, his 73-point effort showed he can produce spike scores.

Greene has been moved on by quite a few teams, but his score of 49 on the weekend was well unders due to his goalkicking. The mature-age recruit booted an inaccurate 0.4 and should receive more opportunities against the Roos this week if you can afford to hold.

Same goes for Pedlar, who missed two gettable set shots in his score of 36.


Samson Ryan (Rich) $123,900 RUC/FWD

Hayden Crozier (WB) $218,500 DEF

Ryan should be a very popular rookie option next week if he can hold his spot until round 4. A FWD-RUC in KFC SuperCoach, Ryan posted 72 points from six disposals thanks to three goals and two contested marks. A trade from Esava Ratugolea or Nick Madden is on the cards.

And while many have their sights set on discount defender Jack Bowes, Crozier produced a stellar effort last round. Crozier finished with 22 disposals, 10 marks, eight intercepts, six rebound 50s and 96 points and is one to keep an eye out for on Thursday night.


Jye Menzie (Ess) $154,200 FWD | Av 52 | BE: -39

Charlie Comben (NM) $123,900 RUC/FWD | Av 47.5 | BE: -25

Bodhi Uwland (GC) $123,900 DEF | Av 45.5 | BE: -21

Menzie has slotted two goals in each of his first two games but does he come straight out for Jake Stringer when he is fit? Either way, he probably isn’t worth jumping on at his inflated price.

Normal service resumed for Comben with a score of 12 on the weekend, while Uwland’s spot could come under question after just the five touches against Gold Coast.


Campbell Chesser $123,900 DEF/MID | Av 23.5 | BE: -23

Josh Goater (NM) $192,700 DEF/MID | Av 56 | BE -3

Ben King (GC) $176,300 FWD | Av 44.5 | BE: 11

Esava Ratugolea $174,000 FWD/RUC | Av 43 | BE: 13

Feel free to hold these rookies if you think they can produce a spike game or don’t fit into your trade plans, but by all means trade if you feel like off-loading.

Chesser has struggled to have an impact in his first two games and could be dropped – which means he can serve as a handy emergency loophole with his dual position status.

King bounced back with 70 points but faces the Cats this weekend, while his possible round three opponent Ratugolea’s role as a key defender may not be as lucrative as first hoped.

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