SUMMARY: You failed your Monster Hunt test edition

That is different.

The Yeti
they write
: “The best weapon in the fight against the Yeti is a flaming sword.”
Why you were wrong: The best weapon in the fight against the Yeti is the hook shot.

The Wendigo
they write
: “Isn’t that like a Yeti?”
Why you were wrong: They are not similar, except that is the best weapon in the fight against the Wendigo Also the hook shot. They leave different tracks and operate in different places. Is every cold part of the planet the same for you?

The werewolf
they write: “The best weapon to fight the werewolf is the silver bullet.”
Why you were wrong: The best weapon in the fight against the werewolf is the hook shot. It is always the hook shot. It is will always be the hook shot. You stupid, stupid idiot bad at fighting monsters, you should always Choose the hook shot. That’s why we’ll give you the hookshot first.

The Yberterra
they write
: “This isn’t real.”
Why you were wrong: If we cared about what was real you wouldn’t talk Fight against monsters And I wouldn’t aim a hook shot at you. Idiot!

look sometimes you think a What Are You Playing topic is going to work and it just doesn't I'm sorry

Bonus Question: Which series have you never liked but know very well? A kids’ series you needed to watch, a sitcom you kept watching episodes of, or just something your social group wouldn’t keep quiet about?


Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): While I go to Slowpoke Community Day mainly for my community (and plan to celebrate afterwards with some shellfish!), I hunt owls Pokemon Violets new raids. Probably some turn 3 if I can squeeze it in too.

Hmm, I feel like the bonus question for me is about friends. I won’t lie, I’ve laughed at stuff but I never had to see it and still don’t have to.


Briana Royce (@nbriannaBlog): For me, probably the same as last week: I’ll dive in Lord of the rings online a bit, and I had a good time farting in it city ​​of heroes Last weekend so I’ll probably do it again. It does that thing that makes me think about it randomly during the day, so that’s a good sign.

Caillou, oh my god, make it stop.


Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_LefebvreBlog): Some FFXIV and also a game i am reviewing i literally can’t stop playing i can’t tell what it is but That’s good. Also probably some single player stuff here and there.

I don’t like The Witcher or Game of Thrones. People won’t shut up on me about any of the franchises, I don’t care and I never cared. Please stop contacting me about these shows. I don’t want to see her and I don’t want to be convinced.


Sam Cash (@thesamkash): From a recommendation, from Tyler so to speak, I’ll check it out Eternal. It looks like it could be fun, and I’ve played so many card games I should be savvy enough to dive deep. I’m still playing Chained Echoes. It’s a long RPG so at my pace I probably have another month with it.

Bonus: The Big Bang Theory by a mile. I just never had an interest in watching a show that was made fun of but also reminded me of the kind of people I didn’t have. I don’t know it didn’t click for me. Well I’ve never seen it, but everyone knows everything about Sheldon.


Tyler Edwards (Blog): I came into the DiabloIV Open/Closed/Early Access/Demo/Preview Beta… thing so I’ll play that if I can beat the queues. I also have a D&D session and I bought Guild Wars 2: The End of Dragons in a moment of weakness so if i have time left (big if) i will join some hero point trains to keep unlocking willbender.

Bonus question: Doctor Who is a bit too campy for my liking, but between lots of friends who are fans and the general osmosis of nerd culture, I’ve learned quite a bit about his lore.


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Advertising SUMMARY: You failed your Monster Hunt test edition

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