Street Fighter 6: How to Beat Drive Impact

Drive Impact is a powerful new mechanic in Street Fighter 6 that can deflect enemy attacks or punish players who like to corner. Luckily in Street Fighter 6 there are ways to take down an opponent’s Drive Impact, especially when their moves are easy to spot as you counter their own counter for some punishing follow-up attacks.

A Drive Impact is a move that costs one bar of Drive Gauge to use. If you are using Street Fighter 6’s Modern Type controls, a Drive Impact occurs with L1and if you use Classic controlsit is executed with Heavy punch and heavy kick. When a Drive Impact is used, a graffiti-style flash of color will appear around the character, indicating what they will be doing in battle.

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A Drive Impact is a powerful attack and defense tool in Street Fighter 6, but there are ways to bypass it. For one, the player can take a step back or jump straight up to escape the range of the Drive Impact, allowing them to counterattack. However, there are better tools in your arsenal for dealing with a Drive Impact.

The best way to deal with a Drive Impact in Street Fighter 6 is to use one of your own. If you trigger a Drive Impact right after the opponent uses theirs, you’ll damage them, interrupting movement and leaving them stunned for a moment, allowing you to perform a punishing follow-up combo for free. This is the main disadvantage of using a Drive Impact and can be devastating if used correctly against an opponent. If you both use a Drive Impact at the same time, they will cancel each other out and you will both be thrown back.

It’s also possible to break through a Drive Impact with one throw. Remember that you have to find the right time. If you are too slow, the Drive Impact will activate first. So if you suspect an enemy is about to use a Drive Impact and your Drive gauge is low, a throw is a good option for dealing damage, even if it isn’t. Don’t leave them stunned.

Blocking will also stop a Drive Impactbut you’ll be pushed back, and if you’re bumped into a wall, you’ll slam it and your opponent has a chance for a follow-up attack, so pay attention to your surroundings. Parrying will also stop a Drive Impactbut the timing needs to be more precise.

One of Drive Impact’s primary uses is that when used, it blocks most normal or special attacks, but only the first two hits. This means that a quick movement, such as Chun-Li’s Hundred Lightning Kicks, can interrupt Drive Impact before it connects. Note that this only applies to certain moves, as slower attacks cannot overcome Drive Impact.

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When your Super Arts meter fills up, a The super arts move will also interrupt a drive impact. This is an incredibly punishing way to deal with Drive Impact, as the Super Arts move should take priority and deals a ton of damage depending on your level. Burning a bar of Super Art Gauge is useful for punishing a Drive Impact.

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