Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin – Swordsman Career Tips

Along with the ronin and the pugilist, the swordsman is one of the most technically demanding jobs in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. While anyone can enjoy this job, it seems more geared towards players who have a good grasp of the game’s core mechanics. Our guide offers tips for those who want to get a little more out of the Swordfighter.

Keep in mind that this information is based on the existing demo, which transfers saved data to the final version. While the demo locks the last nine jobs, it’s possible that the official version may have more skills or levels for current jobs. We will update this guide accordingly if anything changes to the Swordfighter.

Understand the swordsman

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The Swordsman’s main profession ability is Intercept, which activates a temporary aura around Jack. The in-game description can be confusing as it states that a counterattack activates after a successful block with an active intercept. In reality, you don’t have to block.

Intercepting automatically counters all normal attacks, so don’t waste your breath trying to block. Just activate it when you’re surrounded by enemies or fighting a boss and continue fighting as normal. Let interception act as a fallback in case you screw up.

Finally, for more avid players looking to take this system a step further, you’ll unlock Intercept Mastery, which allows you to counter with a Soul Shield without exhausting Intercept. This effectively gives you two counterattacks with one activation of Intercept, provided the Soul Shield is properly timed. This can be a life saver when surrounded by large groups as it preserves magic.

Since the swordsman uses the broadsword, he has access to a dodge attack combo. This slot can be assigned either Beatdown or Interception, both of which have their use cases depending on what you are looking for.

Beatdown is an excellent AOE attack that can keep the heat off you, especially in tight corners. Interception, on the other hand, might be useful for those who forget to turn on Interception in the heat of the moment. It can also act as protection in case an enemy surprises you during your dodge attack.

We also highly recommend putting Cross Slash on the second link slot once it becomes available. Of all the Swordsman’s combo abilities, he deals the most Break Gauge damage. As with any other class, reducing enemies’ damage meter should take precedence over overall damage, as it allows you to finish encounters faster while stocking up on magic.

Recommended job pairings

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If the swordsman’s technical nature has drawn you in, our top pairings include other technical professions like the pugilist and ronin. While it’s usually best for less experienced players to avoid overlapping to compensate for weaknesses, these types of jobs shine in the right hands when mixed up.

For example, the Pugilist’s basic attacks build up your Boost level, which deals increased amounts of physical and Rupture Gauge damage. Then intercepting it with a barrage of fists is a great way to fight through normal enemies.

The ronin is more similar to the swordsman in that his katana allows you to go into the senshin stance. When timed correctly, a basic attack in this stance will unleash a barrage of attacks while you’re invulnerable. It requires specific timing, but is also safer than parry systems in more committed action games.

Underestimating the timing still results in the same barrage of attacks, with the caveat that you’re not invulnerable. You could take damage in the process, but you could also stun the enemy on the receiving side until the barrage ends. Switching between Swordfighter and Ronin turns your average encounters into mincemeat while you learn when to activate interception and when to try your luck with the ronin’s senshin stance, depending on which enemies you can read more clearly.

While there are advanced jobs with more malleability, if you delve into them seriously, they generally couple better with other advanced jobs than with the basic jobs.

If you’re not quite up to speed with the transition between the swordsman and the pugilist or ronin, the regular mage and black mage can’t hurt to take care of large groups of enemies. Magic, especially at a distance, is always a reliable fallback. Just be sure to manage your magic meter. Considering the usefulness of Intercept, we recommend avoiding the White Mage, which is better reserved for jobs like the Marauder. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin – Swordsman Career Tips

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