Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin – All jobs and how to unlock them

One of the core features of Stranger of Paradise is the job system. Inspired by previous Final Fantasy games, players can level Jack through a series of base jobs, thereby unlocking advanced jobs that would normally do the base jobs…er, job, but better. Some base jobs do not unlock instantly, and you must level up multiple base jobs to unlock a specific corresponding job. Here are all the jobs in Stranger of Paradise – and how to unlock them.

note: This article is based on currently available jobs in the demo. This article will continue to be updated with the full release of Stranger of Paradise.

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Basic jobs

These jobs are either granted to you automatically or are found while dungeon diving and have no requirement to use them.

  • Swordsman: A melee-oriented job that focuses on counterattacks and quick combos. Uses sword and shield.
  • swordsman: A melee-oriented job that aims to deal as much damage as possible with as heavy a weapon as possible. Uses a two-handed sword.
  • pugilist: A melee-oriented job that deals heavy combo damage with quick hits. Uses fist weapons.
  • duelist: A melee-oriented job that focuses on dealing heavy single-target damage with critical hits and poisons. Use twin daggers.
  • magician: A ranged-focused job that deals heavy damage by exploiting the opponent’s weaknesses. Can cast Aero, Fire, Water, and Earth, as well as level 2 and 3 versions (-ra and -ga) with enough charge time.
  • Lancer: Unlocked by finding a spear weapon in the Chaos Shrine. Excellent at melee combat, capable of dealing both slam and slash damage in melee combat, while also having the ability to inflict piercing damage by throwing a lance.
  • bum: Unlocked by finding a Battleaxe weapon in the Chaos Shrine. A slow-moving but heavy-hitting melee specialist capable of dealing high damage over a wide area.
  • ronin: Unlocked by finding a katana weapon in the Pravoka Seagrot. A melee-oriented job that focuses on high elemental damage and combos in addition to fast dodging.
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Advanced jobs

These jobs require certain base jobs to be at a certain level and the corresponding node to be unlocked. Some advanced jobs require two or more base jobs to be leveled in order to fully unlock the job. For example, if you unlocked the Red Mage in the Mage tree but not in the Swordsman tree, you will not be able to use the Red Mage. The stages listed below assume you are heading towards the unlock node – more stages are required if you want to complete your base jobs.

  • Knight: An advanced job that prioritizes defense. Can emit shockwaves of the Holy Element after successfully guarding. Requires Swordsman and Swordsman at level 15 each to unlock.
  • Red Mage: An advanced job that can quickly chain both white and black magic together using Chainspell. Requires Swordsman and Mage level 15 each to unlock.
  • berserk: An advanced job that sacrifices potion healing for increased damage and stagger abilities. Requires level 10 Marauder and level 15 Swordsman to unlock.
  • warrior: A persistent advanced job that can deal AoE damage while healing missing HP over time. Requires level 15 Swordsman and level 10 Ronin to unlock.
  • samurai: An advanced job focused on parrying and counterattacking. Regenerates more MP from basic attacks and parries due to “Meikyo-Shisui”. Requires Ronin at level 12 to unlock.
  • Thief: A cunning advanced job that can steal instant abilities from enemies. Requires level 10 Pugilist and Duelist to unlock.
  • monk: A melee-focused advanced job that can channel MP to restore HP and grant bonus break damage for a limited time. Requires level 10 Pugilist and Lancer to unlock.
  • dragoon: A melee-focused advanced job that can leap across large gaps to deal heavy piercing damage to a group of enemies. Requires Lancer and Marauder at level 10 to unlock.
  • black magician: This advanced job is a stronger version of the mage and gains access to the powerful spell Flare – heavy damage at the cost of maximum MP. Requires a level 10 Mage to unlock.
  • White magician: A support-focused advanced job, this job can heal and buff allies with spells like heal, protect, and armor, as well as revive fallen allies through awakening. Requires a level 10 Mage to unlock.
  • sage: This advanced job can toggle a stance to cast powerful white or black magic at the expense of a black or white emblem. The more emblems you have, the faster you can cast spells. Requires a level 12 black and white mage to unlock.
  • paladin: This advanced job can toggle Holy Fang, which heals missing HP or deals additional Holy damage when you are at max HP. However, this mode consumes the Paladin’s MP. Requires level 10 Knights and White Mages to unlock.
  • Dark Knight: This advanced job can toggle Soul Eater, a stance that drains both HP and MP to deal additional Dark damage with each hit. Requires level 10 Berserker, Black Mage, and Warrior to unlock.
  • bully: This advanced job allows you to imbue your weapon with red magic via the enchant command with a selected element. Requires level 10 Red Mage and Monk to unlock.
  • Void Knight: This robust Advanced Job can absorb magic attacks and either regain MP or unleash a barrage of blows via the Runic command. Requires level 10 Red Mage and Knight to unlock. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin – All jobs and how to unlock them

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